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Newspaper version of football recommendation story:

Fowler column, 90 percent the same but some changes, from printed paper:

Editorial page unsigned editorial (I’m just the messenger)

Letter to the editor (against football)

Editorial page unsigned editorial (I’m just the messenger)[/QUOTE]
Hey, I found a picture of Mary Schulken!

I was surprised the Raleigh N&O had nothing. They have had blurbs all along about Niners football but today nothing.


[I]Would boosters pushing to raise $45.3 million for a stadium work as passionately to mount a similar campaign for academic programs and scholarships?[/I]

Well, with football now on the agenda, boosters can now fight together for more state funding for a medical or law school program without distraction.

The better question is whether the Charlotte Observer editorial staff will mount a similar campaign FOR academics at Charlotte as they did with their campaign AGAINST football at Charlotte. Answer: Of course they won’t.

I actually think the Op Ed was right on about 90% of the things it was saying. All of his demands are necessary. I think if he said, let’s just do it, people would feel less compelled to help pay for the thing than the plan he set forth yesterday. Funny thing about PSLs is that although they are a scam, people don’t really mind. And now football is in our hands to make happen. Which is where it should have been all along.

I think the letter to the editor was just uninformed. The young lady was just spouting the same misconceptions that we have been hearing all along. I’m not going to get mad at somebody for their ignorance.