FSL info?

if/when any official information is released about FSL’s, can we conosolidate it all in one thread? is there a timetable on when money will actually be recevied by the univ? anything definiate pro/against transferrability (i understand the initial plan was to not allow them to be). just looking for info so I can make a decision on how many to buy. :slight_smile:

Money will be taken starting January.

[QUOTE=gotLutz;360087]Money will be taken starting January.[/QUOTE]

The FSL plan will come out in January. It will inform everyone when money will be collected but doubtful that they will expect it at the 1st of the year.

Money will not [I]necessarily[/I] be taken in January. But all details will be released then.

Ah ok thanks for the correction.

The sooner we can get this money into some interest-bearing account, the better. Just don’t put any of it into stocks, please!!!

I didn’t even think of that, for all the accountants, what’s 4 percent on 5 million?

I didn't even think of that, for all the accountants, what's 4 percent on 5 million?

i know it was probably rhetorical, but $200,000