Fudge in the Triad

I heard this morning on my way to work that Primetime with the Packman will be heard on 790 am from 3 til 7 starting in the new year. Are you kidding me? I know Bill Kim sucks, but why not just pick up the Fox Sports show for this slot instead of giving this blowhard an affiliate.

What will I listen to on my way home?

Get satellite radio and all your problems will be solved.

Marc Amazon attended the Indiana game with me, he’s an IU graduate, but also a fan of the 49ers. He told me on trip down that Packer had approached WBLO months ago about airing in the Triad for no rights fees. They would make the $$$ off the advertisers. And he would’ve done a morning show. Management said no at the time but I suppose times have changed.

The company that owns 790 the Ball lost their most profitable station in New Orleans after Katrina and still is not broadcasting. The profits from that station were being spread to their other stations across the country. Amazon was let go due to big contract being too large. Upper management took him to dinner on a Friday night and gave him the axe. He had brought Bill Kimm with him from Oregon. Kimm was strictlt a producer, he’d never done any on air work other than a Saturday morning high school wrapup show in Oregon.

Quite honestly, Amazon thinks 790 the Ball will be gone within a year. Also, WYSR in High Point, who is the ESPN affiliate has been sold again and a format change is expected shortly.

On the positive side, he interviewed and was offered a job in Memphis but turned it down. He has a few possibilities, and should be back on the air soon.

HP thanks for the update. I loved Amazon, he was fantastic and I never knew what happened there. 1590 and Big Moe are awful, but it would be a major let down to lose Mike and Mike.

If 790 and 1590 bite the dust, I guess I will have to go the Satellite route for my sports talk. Currently that is all I listen to.

On the positive side, he interviewed and was offered a job in Memphis but turned it down. [/QUOTE]

Smart man. Hope he finds something he likes soon.

[QUOTE=HP49er;146306]On the positive side, he interviewed and was offered a job in Memphis but turned it down. He has a few possibilities, and should be back on the air soon.[/QUOTE]

I can’t say I blame him. Why would anyone want to live in the middle of all those Tiger fans?


What will I listen to on my way home?[/QUOTE]

I recommend FM Talk 101.1 WZTK. Clark Howard, Mitch Album, Jim Kramer. That’s what I listened to when I lived in the Triad. And you can’t beat their morning show–Brad and Brit (Brad Kranzt who used to be on WBT afternoon drive with Richard Spires), plus Neil Boortz from 9-noon.

Mitch Album is cool

All I know is with Bill Kimm doing a Triad call-in show from 9-12, he’d better have lots to talk about because there will be no listeners to call in.

HP49er and other Triad Niners,
I’ve only been in the triad area since June but I was wondering what the history of the coverage of the 9ers in the triad area has been. Are they just not covering the team this year because of our dissapointing start? Did they cover the team when we were in the top 25 last year and making some noise? Thanks for clearing that up with Bill Kim also, seems one day I was listening and it was a very funny guy (Amazon I guess) doing the show, then out of no where they change to some dude from Oregon that doesn’t know anything about the state of NC.
I also don’t understand why they cover App St. and ECU and other non ACC teams in the state but don’t make any mention of the the 3rd largest public school in the state. Guess I just got to get used to it living out here.

The Greensboro News & Record covered the team like they did the rest of the NC teams. They also always referred to Charlotte as NC Charlotte or UNC Charlotte. But after I wrote a letter to the chief editor he said they would change their policy to “Charlotte” when referring to sports.

Does anyone know if that policy went into effect? I left Greensboro several months ago and haven’t kept up.

The 49ers have received only slight mentions in the Triad media in the past, EE9er. The W-S Journal used to do occasional stories on the team, the News and Record only would mention the 49ers if they made the tournament, although they usually picked up the AP stories. The Charlotte/Greensboro city rivalry is just too strong to allow them to cover UNCC and of course they saturate everyone with the ACC schools. In High Point, the Enterprise did several feature stories in the past when James Zimmerman played.

For what it’s worth, Mark Amazon lived in NC as a child and knows NC sports. He moved to Cincinnati and attended Indiana and was a broadcaster in Cincy before going to Oregon.

Between Tintin and myself, we made sure he knew who the Charlotte 49ers (not UNCC 49ers) and had developed a nice friendship with smack. We had some good discussions of Cincinnati b-ball and followed (and talked on air) quite often of the 49ers. Lutz was a guest twice if not 3 times last season. Amazon commented last year for 3 days straight how the students in Halton were the most rabid group of fans he’d ever sat around after attending the final game with the Bearcats.

What will I listen to on my way home?


Oh yeah.