Full Court Press

we just need to stop until we get our rotations right. We looked like a junior high team on the press…it was pathetic…

Totally agree, we force 0 tournovers from it and end up giving up an easy basket 90% of the time, not one of Lutz’s best coaching efforts tonight.

Honestly, with Basden, Withers, Baldwin, Drayton, you would think we were made to press…But, I have never seen us press effectively. EVER. I cringe when I see it. It’s like we’re just trying to speed up the game by letting them score quickly. We just dont get it.

Yeah, it was kind of sad how easy it was for them to pass right through our press for an easy dunk.

There are some teams that you just cannot press, and UL is one of them. You can’t press a team that has 3-4 guys on the court that can handle the ball like a PG and are that quick. You give up open 3’s or layups once they beat you. I think we press okay, but we need to do better about picking the teams we choose to do it against.