Fun game

It’s a boring Tuesday afternoon. I suggest we play a fun, simple game. It’s easy, just name things that have happened as many times as the ECU mens basketball has won 20 games in a season.

I’ll start off…

The Queen of England releases a rap album.

Michael Moore and Ann Coulter make passionate love.

Phillip Dubois says “f*** you Chapel Hill, we don’t want to be confused with you any longer, take this UNC from our name and shove it!”

ECU basketball, it’s faaaannnnntastic! lol

The number of times people participated in this game.

I think that one is too high. But good try.

The number of times the Observer did pre-game articles on us when we were in CUSA the 1st time.


The number of times a pig has flown without external propulsion.

N/A listened to something not hipster douche’.

Ruck Limbaugh turned down a Cheeseburger

Skoddy has realistic expectations for the 2012-13 Niner basketball season.

The number of times STILLJONESING has made an intelligent post on this board.

The number of game threads Briscoe will NOT be brought up in.

C-Pip gets a Girlfriend

Never mind

Alan Major has worn skinny jeans.

The number of times our current football team has lost a game.

The number of people who washed their hands with soap and hot water after using the bathrooms at Georgetown’s North Kehoe Field yesterday.

(hint: Their bathrooms are actually porta-johns)

[quote=“Cha_49, post:11, topic:25789”]C-Pip gets a Girlfriend

Never mind[/quote]


I say something funny.