FW: URGENT=Diamond (owner going into hospice) will have to be euthanized if we cant

My mom forwarded this email to me today. A lady she works with has terminal cancer and will be placed into a hospice on March 1st.

She wants to find a good home for her dog so she doesnt have to have it euthanized. The dog’s name is Diamond. 5 year old female. Raised around kids. Very nice. Has all shots and vet work.

The dog is in the Charlotte area.

If anyone can help or know someone who might be able to take it let me know.

I already have one myself and am looking for a new place (apartment/condo). I am still considering taking it, though.

Man, I just took one in too.

Please, if anyone can, please do!

that dog looks like it would be an awesome one!

too bad my 3 labs probably wouldnt take well to the little guy…

bump this - lets find this little guy a home with a niner!!!

I don’t know if I will find a Niner, but I will ask around my workplace to see if anybody wants one. We just had a similar situation and found good homes for four dogs just by asking around over here. I’ll let you know. Keep the board updated.

guessing you’ve tried craigslist already?

guessing you've tried craigslist already?

Im not sure what all they’ve tried. I just got the email and figured Id put it on a few places.

I had a friend that was trying to give one (a pit) away on craigslit recently in Cary (he and his wife just had a baby and he is taking a new job in Chicago, so he cant take his dog with him) and most of the responses were thugs or rednecks (probably wanting to fight him). I think he has decided to just take it with him.

I suggested as a last resort to call around and look for pit bull rescue sites or no-kill shelters.

I would love to take it (Ive got a male) but I just cant since Im looking for a new place.

from the subject I thought this was going to be another post about suggestions for replying to a Nigerian scam email