GA State Forward Suspended indefinitely

Not looking past tonight’s win, but was browsing our opponents and found this. I did some digging, but can’t find out what he got suspended for. Anyone want to do some investigating?

GA State Site

Witherspoon Suspended From Men’s Basketball Team

Head men’s basketball coach Michael Perry has announced that senior forward Anthony Witherspoon has been suspended indefinitely from the team.

Witherspoon had just become eligible this season and had played in five of the first six games of the season. The 6-6 forward had six points and seven rebounds this season.

Nothing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Don’t think they’ll miss his 1.2ppg and 1.4 rpg too much… :rolleyes:

Trust me, losing Witherspoon is the least of our problems right now. He was actually a more decent player than his stats indicate, but either way, he’s just the latest of things that are going wrong for our team in this young season.

To begin with, before the season even started, we lost our most prized recruit, the 6-3, 200-pound JUCO PG Travis DeGroot. He was listed as the No. 1 JUCO prospect in the nation at point guard by Lindy’s College Basketball, the No. 2 prospect by Sporting News, No. 5 by and the No. 16 overall player at any position by CBS “Sportsline.” Trust me, if you had seen this guy play even for five minutes, you would see why. It’s a shame, but he got kicked off the team because he was an academic liability, as well as a guy with some serious temper problems.

Then we found out that another one of our recruits, Clark Williams will not be eligible to play until next season. He’s a 6-6 sharp shooter that played at Berkmar High School team that won two back-to-back state titles and was ranked top 10 in the country. Clark actually had a NLI for Ohio State coming out of high school, but did not qualify academically so he played JUCO for a year and also was a walk-on at Georgia. We don’t have a big frontcourt and rely a lot on our perimeter shooting, especially three-point shooting, so losing Clark was big for us because his career three-point percentage is a sick 43%. Yeah, we could definitely use him right now.

Then, our senior starter D’Andre McGrew, the archetypical role player that does a little bit of everything for us, got injured in the second game of the season and will be out probably for the rest of the month. You can’t teach experience and we need him badly right now because we are just a shell of a team we were supposed to be before the season started.

Add to all this the fact that our senior center Sylvester Morgan is underperforming big time (can’t grab a rebound to save his life) and that our new freshman center Deven Dickerson is just way too raw at this point, and you have a team that is nothing like we thought we had just a month ago.

You guys will dominate us on the boards and I expect a blowout to be honest with you. If we can loose by less than 20 I would be more than happy. Good luck to you guys. I know we will need a lot of it when we play you.

wow saintDK, that was a very depressing post. i feel bad for you guys

Thanks for the info, sounds like a rough year so far. Hopefully it will get better for you after we beat you. The good news for you is that we have a habit underperforming at home against teams we should kill. We see what happens Saturday.

I wouldn’t say that you’re hurting too bad. I know that you don’t have all of your horses, but you beat a pretty good ULL team with the same team we’ll see on Saturday. They gave us fits for the first half of the game until we were able to find some holes in their defense. I see that you play them again on Monday.

Anyways, we look forward to playing you guys the next two seasons after this one.

Despite SaintDK10’s post, I’m not taking any 3-point shooting team lightly. I agree that we will dominate in the paint and on the boards. Iti, Nance and Withers should have a field day against this team. But they, like us in the past, rely on the 3 quite a bit. Teams like that can get hot and make it close but they can also be off and get blown out by 30. I suspect they will realize early in the game that they must play a perimeter-based game to keep pace and we’ll need to make sure we don’t give them clean looks.

I think we coast in this game but they can be dangerous if we let them get hot from outside.