Galen in the NBA

Looks like all of the hard work that Galen has put in has finally landed him on a 15 man roster.

[b]Young and Damien Wilkins are probably the two leading candidates to make the Sonics' roster, which has 13 players with guaranteed spots. Young is a bothersome defensive presence on the floor, the kind of guy who frustrates an opponent. Yesterday, center Jerome James was complaining of Young's clutching tactics in a scrimmage. Wilkins has four years of college experience, some offensive smoothness and has improved his defensive play since playing for Seattle's summer-league team in July.[/b]

Seattle PI

Sweet…I saw him on campus about 2 mos. ago and he told me about this tryout. This guy deserves a shot.

This is very good news! He deserves it!

I like his chances. He’s the kind of player Nate McMillan appreciates, since he was also a lock down defender in his playing days. I was suprised he never landed with the Bucks back in the day under Karl for the same reason -appreciation of defensive juggernauts.

Is Jobey getting a look after playing well for the Clipper’s summer team, or has he made his bed with that top-flight Italian team?

Galen update from the Seattle paper…

WALKING WOUNDED: Galen Young stayed in Seattle and had X-rays taken on his knee yesterday because it swelled up after practice. Add that to the list of Young’s maladies. He has stitches in his head to close a cut suffered in a collision on the court and a brace to protect his thumb, which was sprained.

Great article on Galen in the SeattlePI on Sat. No word yet but he could make the team.
Young out for last Sonics spot if it kills him

I read last week, that Byron Dinkins signed with some Carolina pro team ? CBA, ABA ?? Does anyone have the scoop on this one.

Looks like Galen got some pt:

[b]Galen Young's second-quarter block on Andrei Kirilenko, who is 5 inches taller than Young, whose defense on Kirilenko deserved kudos. Vitaly Potapenko led Seattle with 11 points in the first half when he was 5-for-5 shooting. Robert Swift had a three-point play in the fourth quarter, scoring on a nifty reverse.[/b]

They got throttled though

Sonics game at a glance

From the SeattlePI…

McMillan said the Sonics won’t make further roster reductions until after the final preseason game, Oct. 29 against Portland. The Sonics have 16 players, 13 of whom are guaranteed spots. Damien Wilkins, Mateen Cleaves and Galen Young are vying for the final spot.

I will be in Seattle visiting some friends and for the Panthers/Hawks game on Sunday. I miss that fri night Sonics game by a few hrs with my flight.

I just noticed that the head of player personnel for the Sonics, is none other than our former asst./recruiter under Mullins, David Pendergraft (sp ?). Sounds like he is in training to be a future NBA GM.

Galen didn’t get any PT in the Sonics - Spurs game. Damien Wilkins appeared to play (just by the box score) very well. That’s never a good sign.

I’ll be up there for the Panthers game as well. Hopefully my flight will be in time to potentially check out the Sonics game (the only reason I would ever attend an NBA game would be a Niner other than Rodney White).

Look for me in section 330 at Qwest Field, forecast is 52 degrees and 40% chance of rain…

ahh yes, lovely shade of gray of a Seattle autumn. Its even better on Sunday since time changes too… it will practically be dark by the 4th qtr of the game sunday. I got seats in section 314…upper level is mostly sheltered seats from the rain. Hopefully, we get a few sun breaks at some point over the weekend. Call me crazy but I love this city… the summer is the best anywhere. I need to go iron my ol’ flannel for the trip. :slight_smile:

Sonics Training camp at a glance.

Galen got waived. :cuss:

thats a bummer. It sounds like Wilkins did play well during the pre-season. It’s amazing how ineffective he was at NCSU and gets his shot in the NBA.

ATL, no need to rush tonight in the emerald city to get to the sonics game. Maybe I will bump into you at “the” starbucks there. :lmao:

Apex,Is that you Greg?Josh here.

lake49er. check your PM.