Game 1 observations

*we played very nice man D, very active hands
*free throws were nauseous- we should of won by 15
*I only saw 1 or 2 silly shots
*the Dewhurst and Anderson lineup is not good
*Dejuan is solid at PG
*Phil has no passion or touch
*Mack and Coley can crash boards, alter shots
*Wilderness can be another Galen- in time
*nice to see a young group not cave in when the older wiser HP reeled it back close late in game

who were the “leaders” on the floor?

i dont agree with phil not having any passion or touch. he wasent really getting the ball.

-Coley stepped up performance from the exhibition
-Anjuan was amazing
-Phil is being used exactly ass he should
-All game with out a foul on our center… :wow:
-Where was the Goonj???
-Dewhurst looked pretty good but seemed to be trying to force it at times
-Major props to Dijuan for great intensity!!

I believe Lutz is right about the potential of this team. I fear Monday’s game, but look forward to progress through the season.

**Major props to the students! Great showing!!!

i dont agree with phil not having any passion or touch. he wasent really getting the ball.

I saw him miss badly up close 2 or 3 times. Brutal at the line. He does alot of standing around. 4 boards? I am not dogging him, he just has to take it up a notch. He needs to watch some Kenkay Jones tape. Phil lacks confidence to take it strong or go up and under. Hopefully that comes in time.

Yeah, but you know big men always struggle at first. I think he just needs to get a feel for how the game is played.

the key question to me right now is who can score consistently besides Leemire? I think when Gerrity is here, its gonna help alot.

Leemire was the leader on the court. It really hurt when we had to sit him so long after the 2 quick fouls. There were a couple of times near the end when he was trying to do too much though.

We won that game with defense. When was the last time we said that about a 49er team? 6 steals for Anjuan… I loved the one where the guy tried a ball fake and Wilderness just snatched it out of his hands and took off. Coley was very solid on defense too… had 4 blocks I think. All of the guys showed a lot of energy and hustle (i.e. Harris diving for loose balls).

Harris did a good job holding things together when Leemire had to sit. Handled the ball pretty well and played good D. Not bad for a guy that didn’t have a scholarship a few months ago.

FT shooting looks to be a big weak spot again this year. You won’t win many close games when you miss 19 free throws.

Great crowd tonight… I hope we can keep winning and keep the people coming out to watch.

I think Phil has touch, he just has a little trouble catching the ball, and because he’s so big, he’s a little slow.

For once, we played pretty good D. The pressure D was as good as I’ve seen in Lutz’ tenure, very scrappy.

Our half court offense needs major work (we need to get Mack more involved in this area).

Wilderness is exciting. He is going to be a stud.

Dijuan was a little shaky on the handles and turnovers, but he has a lot of energy and hustle. We desperately need Gerrity to become eligible, we essentially have only 3 guards: an inexperienced soph. point guard, a 2 guard who is a leader, but essentially can only score from long range, and then a shooter who can’t really shoot that great.

I was pleasantly surprised with Dewhurst’s game.

I think Phil played much better in the first half than the second, but your right metro he didn’t look like he had the drive to dominate. He was the biggest guy on the floor by far for most of the game and he didn’t go down and punish anyone, hope it comes in time. He is only a Freshman.

Very raw team. Anjuan is probably the best player on the team.

We couldn’t get Phil the ball, and when we did… he didn’t do anything with the ball… against players that weren’t up to his size. He got benched the second half, for whatever reason?

  • Gaby should’ve played. We put Phaler in for 2 minutes (lol), but no Gaby? Wtf.

  • Dijuan 1 assist 4 turnovers. That needs to improve.

  • Lee was forcing some shots, but was still solid.

  • We. can’t. play. zone. We really need to just stop trying it.

  • We had great hustle.

  • Very good defense, although we left Reid wide open on some knucklehead plays.

  • We didn’t quit when we were down, and we showed heart.

  • Lamont was solid.

  • Lutz looked like he cared the entire game, and coached well.

There is a lot of work to do, but the team atleast has the potential to be great.

That one ref can die in a fire, by the way.

*the Dewhurst and Anderson lineup is not good

That lineup made me a little nervous too. Dewhurst played good D though… and 5/6 from the line I think. Ian brings a lot of energy, but he needs to shoot the ball better than he did tonight.

[QUOTE=Max Power;267469]That lineup made me a little nervous too. Dewhurst played good D though… and 5/6 from the line I think. Ian brings a lot of energy, but he needs to shoot the ball better than he did tonight.[/QUOTE]

But you know what? The only player bobby let play through rough spots was Leemire. That was a huge step for him as a coach.

- We. can't. play. zone. We really need to just stop trying it.


thats great advice :confused:

My thoughts:

[]We won a game with defense. Not just in the closing moments, but the entire game. When was the last time that happened?
]Arizona Reid can f–ing play. The stat line will look like we didn’t guard him but Coley was all over him. The guy is just gonna get his, apparently.
[]Our FTs shooters at the moment are: Leemire, Dewhurst, and maybe Dijuan Harris. We have got to get Phil & Coley more comfortable at the line, or it’s going to limit how we can use them on offense.
]Leemire at the point is not the answer. Dijuan keeps his head down and doesn’t look for the post or the kickout.
[]Phil showed stone hands, which shocked me.
]Wilderness is the 2nd coming of Eddie. But like Eddie, I don’t trust him at the line as a frosh.
[]Coley blew me away. He was soooo much better than he had showed in the practice runs.
]I really like how Mack works hard inside to rebound, etc. I wasn’t crazy about the last 3 he forced. Bad shot selection there. Really like his game otherwise.
[]That was the worst Ive seen Leemire play in several years.
]Ian is quicker than last year. While he wont crack our defensive lineups, he looks like he might not be a liability anymore. Nice rebounding too.
[]Dewhurst was lost and got torched a couple of times. Again, did not expect that. He did play hard and filled up the state sheet late. The FT shooting was an unexpected +
]We got away from feeding the post. Because of FT shooting? Because Phil dropped the ball? We need to fix that and establish it so we have a real half court offense.
[]Several times - Wilderness, Mack & Coley could have smoked their man, but weren’t given the ball. One time, that white kid (3pt shooter) was guarding Wilderness alone and I begged for him to get the ball. He did, and scored easily. More iso plays please Bobby when we have this much of an advantage.
]The defense was a joy to watch. Despite all the things I just criticized us for, we are FUN to watch. I love the hustle.
[*]It’s just one game, but I believe Bobby - this team can be very, very good if we correct the mistakes and improve the offense & FT shooting.

[QUOTE=eason49;267468]Gaby should’ve played. We put Phaler in for 2 minutes (lol), but no Gaby? Wtf.[/QUOTE]

I heard that Gaby was hurt or sick. We need him on Monday for Minter & co.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say we are fun to watch, but for a while at the start of the second half, we sure were entertaining.

The first half was some of the worst basketball I’ve seen. We had, as s9er put it, a huge brainfart in the second half. We made a lot of mistakes.

But, we never gave up, and there was a stretch when we were kicking butt and taking names.


Maybe not this year, but it is the one thing that has screwed us year after year.

I am watching the game again on DVR. Watching this team play defense is FUN.

  • Great game, we actually played D
  • Please hire a damn FT coach, we may have made both just 1 time tonight. Coley and Phil were horrible from the stripe.
  • Anjuan and Coley are our best defenders, I think Anjuan flourishes in the open court (quite a few steals made). Coley on the other hand is very active in when the opposition gets in their half court game, he gets around screens and keeps a hand up at all times.
  • Dewhurst played well, active D, good from the FT line, and several takes.
  • Dijuan is solid at PG, controls the flow although he can’t keep looking back at Bobby with the ball at the top. A good defensive PG will make him pay for that.
  • Phil still can’t stay on the floor long, and he was playing very passive on offense. I thought he rebounded the ball well, but I would like to see him attack the defender more especially against a smaller guy like HP had on him all night.
  • Crowd was nice, especially on a HS football playoff night.
  • Although AZ got his points, we still played tight D on him, and I’m almost postive his FG% wasn’t up to standard.
  • Good rebounding, Good defense, Offense was decent, JUST HIT THE FREEBIES!

There is a lot of work to do, but the team at least has potential