Game #29 @ Rhode Island: game notes, etc.

CHARLOTTE 49ERS (19-9, 9-5) VS. RHODE ISLAND RAMS (20-7, 8-6)
[font=verdana]Wednesday, March 3, 2010 @ 7:00PM, Ryan Center[/font][font=verdana] (7,657), Kingston, RI[/font]
[font=verdana]TV: Cox Sports Television (Eric Frede, Abu Bakr) [/font]
[font=verdana]Internet: Charlotte @ URI or [/font][font=verdana] Charlotte @ URI[/font]
[font=verdana]Radio: WBCN 1660 AM[/font]
[font=verdana]Series: Charlotte leads 5-3 (tied 2-2 in A-10 play)[/font]
[font=verdana]Last meeting: URI 71-64, February 5, 2009, Charlotte[/font] Charlotte vs Rhode Island Charlotte at Rhode Island

GAME NOTES: Charlotte at Rhode Island 49ers jockeying for A-10 tournament Gameday vs Rhode Island - Predictions - Dehorn the Rams! URI Hosts Charlotte in the Blue Out Game on Senior Night Rams host Charlotte on Senior Night

Preview Capsule: Charlotte at URI Rhody Nation sees familiar pattern, March out of reach[b]

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A-10 Board: Charlotte @ URI thread

A-10 Board: WH Preview: Thinking about…RHODE ISLAND

[font=verdana] Atlantic 10 Conference[/font]

[font=verdana]GO NINERS! BEAT THE OCEAN STATE RAMS![/font]

Any TV for this game? RI’s website says Cox Communications TV. What is that?

[quote=“N1NER, post:2, topic:22604”]Any TV for this game? RI’s website says Cox Communications TV. What is that?[/quote]Cox is the local cable provider. Not aware that any Charlotte-area station has picked up the game, though I would think it will be on

[quote=“run49er, post:1, topic:22604”] College Hoops page[/quote]Did you link this page just to show us the article about the tarholes being on the NIT bubble, another big article on the tarhole-Duke game, or one of the 2 articles on Davidson basketball? Those are the only new articles I saw on this page.

Just linked the whole section since there isn’t a pre-game story posted as of yet (it’s about 11:15pm). Will replace when Jim gets it posted.

BTW, I don’t keep up with what’s new or not for the most part (other than Niner stuff, that is!), though I was surprised and amazed they posted the AP pieces on Temple and Xavier!

Bump - added the link for the game.

Also, here’s a fan preview of tonight’s game from the URI board: Game #28 - Charlotte


My expectations are extremely low for tonight and Saturday…that way I avoid any disapointment!

URI allows one of the highest FG %'s in the nation. I actually like our chances IF we can keep the tempo under control. If we try to play an up tempo game, we lose. URI struggles when teams slow the game down.

Can Wild Wings, Buffalo Wild Wings, or Pic’s get the feed from Cox on their Direct TV?

FWIW, the parent of Cox Sports is the cable provider for the state of Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut. Would be sorta like having DirecTV pick up Time-Warner!

I would think that a local station (46, 55, or 64) could have picked up this game, but that’s something TheReal49er could answer more definitively.

Directv and/or Dish can pick up Comcast sports. That’s the same situation as this Run49er, so it’s not unheard of.

What about 134, 135, 136 something, that TWC says is the Niner Game Channel?

That’s 131, but I believe that is only for CBS College Sports-Regional games.

Same here. I don’t expect us to win away to a good team, especially if we couldn’t against GW… but then again, anything can happen.

It’s their senior night and they are having a ‘blue out’ for the game tonight. Does that make us important?

I remember Cincy making our game up there the ‘ring of red’ game back in the day.

[quote=“Niner National, post:11, topic:22604”]Directv and/or Dish can pick up Comcast sports. That’s the same situation as this Run49er, so it’s not unheard of.[/quote]NN, that’s correct. Definitely a “D’oh!” moment for me!

Just happens that Cox Sports isn’t on DirecTV. Dish lists Cox Sports, though not sure if it’s the one that covers RI/New England or the one in the Gulf Coast region that have exclusive local TV rights to N.O. Hornets’ broadcasts. [BTW, both owned by Cox Communications of Atlanta.]

Anyway, still seems like a local outlet could have picked up game, but not sure what that entails as far as broadcast fee, advertising, etc.

I just checked into it. Dish network carries the Cox Sports that covers the gulf region, but not the northeast. Doesn’t look like anyone will have access to this game outside of the area.

I would think it’s important because A) it’s the last home game of season (thus “Senior Night”) and B) URI is trying to back in the NCAA discussion (plus I think Baron’s job is in trouble, especially after Billy’s decision to jilt URI and head to Charlottesville). Doesn’t really matter is the opponent is - game is important due to the aforementioned.

I’m nervous about their starting lineup size: 7’0, 6’8, 6’6, 6’4 and 6’1… but I’m excited that they average getting outrebounded despite their size, and that they play horrible defense. The Rams allow opponents to shoot 47.4% from the field. This should be a high scoring game and a lot of fun to watch.
I hope that I get back from class in time to watch more than just the final 10 minutes.

Hopefully, the results are the same for them as our homecoming and white out was for us.