Game 6- FIU Postgame


D allowed 510 yards of offense and 350 yards on the ground…

We are now allowing 41ppg… this defense is killing us.

We are not putting our defensive players in the best position to succeed, If we don’t start doing this, we may not win another game. Our O had some long time consuming drives, imagine how bad those stats would have been had they not?

Very disappointing.


The D from last year seems a really really long tome ago.


I know it seems easy to say now, but I literally questioned (in the preseason) Healys decision to go away from the defensive schemes we used last season. Especially considering most of those guys were coming back. Did he really think we could improve on last years defense? Seemed illogical from the start. He has done a lot right, but he clearly got this wrong.


Nailed it.

I also understand wanting your guys on your coaching team, but I really wish he had retained Spencer. Not only did he do a great job with the defense last year, he brought a lot of experience to a fairly inexperienced coaching staff.

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I’m not going to sit here and defend 500 yards and 42 points, but we weren’t exactly bringing back the '85 bears. This is a roster without a ton of talent, and with a ton of injuries. Deluca is going to be the program’s all time leading tackler by the end of next season, and he plays in the secondary. that’s not a good thing.

I am not sure where these spencer reports are coming from, but keeping a DC after firing a coach is not common. Keeping a DC who was good friends with the fired coach is less common. I don’t know if we could have kept him or not, but I think our stats against the run last year were like a woman in a bikini. they show you a lot, but not everything. Anybody who could throw the ball last year, could throw it at will. we seem to all be forgetting that.

Talent level has to get better across the board. We must get better DBs. We must get better DT’s.

Do you guys think Spencer owns the rights to the schemes he uses? The players knew the scheme. It worked. The coaches could have coached that scheme. It’s not that complicated.

The Spencer defense did not shut down FIU last season either.

This is where I think some over reaction is occurring. FIU scored 6 more points on us this weekend than they did last year.