Game Thread - Spring Game

Alright, I just landed in Rome and am about to get on a train to Florence. Wife won’t be super happy if I’m staring at the shout box all day looking for updates. I know everyone likes the shout box but can we put important topics here so those of us that are out of town can catch up later. Thanks!

clt says the spread has opened at green +5

It is raining in Charlotte right now. Hopefully it clears off by 4pm.

I’ll take that action. I have white @ $1,200.

is anybody interested in/patient enough to write up some observations. or is everybody snockered?

Many of our top players did not play.

Lyon looked dangerous as returner.

After a slow start the O appeared to be ahead of the D.

Reynolds was the best QB, that pass to Thompson was a thing of beauty.

Speaking of Thompson, he looked good at WR.

I liked our routes in the passing game, think it will allow our WRs to do some work.

The QBs did not have red jerseys and took some pops.

RB’s Finger and Parker stood out and looked good.
Lyons returned 2 punts for TD’s.
Some big hits from defense… for an intrasquad scrimmage.

Also, those that have been around a little while will appreciate the “we want Dwiggans” chant I may uncontrollably find myself making this season.


Were the students on spring break? They were no where to be found.


Full game is on Facebook.

clt says green +5. Was easy money

I didn’t come away from that game impressed with Reynolds at all. I’ll be worried if the USF transfer can’t beat him out.

The “experts” typically say its better if the Defense is better than the Offense in the Spring…maybe we are atypical.

I won’t be surprised if Reynolds still goes into first game as starter. He has more game experience than Kean, is better than any other QB currently on the squad (yeah I said it), and will have built timing and relationships with his receivers and line. Kean is really going to have to impress to win that job by week 1. I hope he does, as it will mean they we have a really solid QB on our hands.

I think Reynolds has asserted himself as the starter among the guys on campus. Kean gonna have to be very good to knock him off.

I thought the D looked good. Many of the starters on that side of the ball did not play. Also locked up an impact transfer that will be eligible immediately.

Our RB stable has talent for days. I was really impressed with Finger and Fisher. We all know what Benny can do. Terrick Smalls didn’t play, and I think he’s had the best spring of all of them.

Offensive line was good. Way ahead of where I expected them to be.

If we value the football and win the turnover margin, this is going to be a good year. This is the best I’ve felt about the Niners going into a football season, including when we were playing D2 teams.


12-1. Book it.


Reynolds is a 3rd string QB on a good team and Finger only sees carries in garbage time. Shireffs may suck but he didn’t even play so I don’t understand the logic. Kean had damn well better beat him out and I’d not be upset if Shireffs found another level and did too.

I saw no real surprises yesterday. Closest I got was Francois blowing Finger or whomever the ball carrier was up. But the main story was that the guys we know can play again showed they can. This is a veteran team now, so it should come as no surprise. We just need to do something about the weaknesses we had from last season.

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