Game Tickets

Hey All

As most of you are aware im coming to the states in December. Can someone tell me where I can get some bitchin tickets too:

                Charlotte 49ers @ Lousville - Dec 5th
                Georgia Tech @ Charlotte 49ers - Jan 2nd
                Charlotte 49ers @ Tennessee Jan 5th

I realise there not selling yet but I dont want to miss out sitting with all you guys on the road and up close for the Geogia Tech game.

Any info would be special.

Charlotte 49ers @ Tennessee Jan 5th


You should talk to 49eralumnus about the Tennessee game. Many of us are going on a bus trip from Charlotte to Rocky Top for the game. The game is also on the 6th.

Basden…glad your trip is coming near but I’m sure not as glad as you. I could possibly have ticket but I’m in the alumni section. You would enjoy the experience much better in student section down on the floor. You should get up with a few of our student poster’s for a little pre/post game as well. You know, to get the whole experience. I’m assuming you’re in your early 20’s and would enjoy that of course. If so, I’m sure there are several on here that would love to help show you a great time while you’re visiting our city and Univerisity.

I just got back from Australia myself last week. I was visiting the Gold Coast and then Sydney. Awesome time and beuatiful weather (except for the dust storm that only lasted about 24 hours). But I did find things to be quite expensive. I met a guy there from NY that said he didn’t like the beer there so he was go to a specialty store to get beer from NY and was paying $45 a six pack. Now that is a bit crazy I know but not uncomman that I saw six packs for ~$18 and that wasn’t for anything exotic. Bud was $47.99 for 24 pack for reference.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Hey Ninerlove

Hey I sure would love a ticket in the alumni section but there will be 3 of us so don’t know if that’s an option or not.

Does anyone know when the Georgia Tech single game tickets will go on sale? Also im just looking for tickets to the Louisville game and there don’t seem to be many left.

If anyone can help a brother out that would be great.

this might be a stretch… but anyone got a contact in the athletic dept that basden could email/contact and explain the situation (“i’m flying half way around the world to see my favorite college team…”)? i could see him easily getting a couple tickets to the pregame meal at the least.

Basden, tickets for the Tennesse game went on sale on the 14th. Go to [URL=][/URL] to order tickets for the Charlotte game. I bought two tickets and I am in Section 125 row 3. Tickets are $25 a piece and the sections that are available are behind one of the baskets down low. Hope this helps you out.

**** yeah do it haha.

Just bought tickets to the Big East/Sec Invitational at MSG. Double header between Georgia-St Johns then UConn v Kentcuky. Gunna be sick.

I also found 2 x tickets for the 49ers game at Tenneesse. 2 really nice tickets right in the center 20 rows up. All the other tickets were in the nose bleed section. However these tickets are only a backup cause Im for 3 nice tickets. Cause I dont want my fiancee or freind to miss out. So if anyone knows of more tix let me know.

I’m going to the game with Ninertread and if there’s anybody else in and around Asheville that wants to carpool just let me know.

Buy your Tennesse tickets through the Tennesse website. They are alot cheaper and betters seats than if you go through stubhub or another ticket distribution site.

ninertread5 thanks heaps. Just bought 3 x tickets in section 124.

Now I have to get rid of those tickets I bought like 5 minutes ago. So if anyone is keen for 2 tickets in section 121 row 24. Let me know cause I have to get rid of these.

What about the Louisvile game. Are Tix availible yet or? Not seeing too many availible

Basden05, check your email.

Hey HP

I think my email on here is locked. Could you please re-send it to ??

The email name is after former 49er Rodney White haha

You HAVE to join us with the 49fantatics bus trip to Tenn! Bus, beer, Niners and naked girls. Ok well the naked girls part is not true, but this is where the party will be! Plus you will be sure that you are sitting with and among niners at the game!

Get on that bus list at, the seats are going.

Hey Guys

I so would have gotten those tickets for the bus ride to Tennessee but I just paid for my flights and I cant back out of them

HP just got your email. Your a legend. Really appreciate it. Thanks man

Do you have any Niner gear?

I would offer up some student guest tickets…

…but I’m going to be stuck at Disney Wold on January 2nd. Sucks.

Hey guys

Thanks to HP’s help. He hooked me up with John from the ticket office and he is sorting me out some sweet seats. So big thanks to HP and everyone for there advice.

Now just to get the Louisville tix sorted and Panthers v New Orleans and im sorted.