Game tonight

I feel like I’m missing something here. So will Spears be eligible to play this season?

No, all signs Ive seen (stuff from this board) are pointing to '09. Have you seen something new?

No, his appeal was denied. He will be eligible in Fall 09, no sooner.

We finally have our first pictures of Coleman. Thanks Normmm. I was there last night as well. Shamari = got game. I thought he was more of a space-eater, rebound, put-back, short jumpers but he surprised me by taking his game further outside while in there with Phil. That will be the key in 2009 and hopefully 2010 if Phil get’s his year back. Jones being good enough to play 20-25 solid minutes and Spears in there with him at the 4.

Coleman’s shots didn’t fall like the first game I saw. He made some nice passes, had a nice tap put-back flying in from the free-throw line, ran the court, played some good defense. He’s a high-energy guy, always smiling, will fit in good with the others.

Dijuan was out there hanging out, talking to everyone even though he played later. He knows everyone it seems and was chatting it up with McGinnis, even.

George Leach (former Olympic/IU player), KC Rivers, Isiah Hunter, Lovedale from Davidson and 2 other Davidson guys played in the 2nd game.

I hear you Chisox about Spears. But I’m not going to take a chance and jinx the guy. I’ll simply say he’s probably been the best player in the pro am league thus far. I’m too scared to predict how that will translate to A10 play. As Over40 mentioned, I would guess he’s shooting around 70% from the field for the 3 games I’ve got to see him play.

Coleman was down from the week before. But he does provide hustle and energy, regardless of how he’s shooting.

What I like about Wilderness is his composure. He’s very composed and physically mature for a sophomore. He also seems to becoming a more team oriented player (i.e. Eddie Basden).

What I have liked about Jones thus far is his endurance seems to have gotten better. He really hasn’t had many great games, but he doesn’t necessarily appear to be hurting his team either. For what it’s worth, he did look better than 7 footer Leech from Indiana. Granted Leech was not an all star at Indiana, but a starter at Indiana still has some merit.

What I take away from Coley’s play is kudos to Lutz for being able to utilize him most efficiently. He strives under the Lutz system. He seems lost in the pro am. But I’m not worried about his Pro Am results as long as he’s getting stronger and quicker over the summer conditioning.