Games of interest, 1/14/06

[U][B]Saturday, January 14, 2006[/B][/U]
[B][COLOR=red]La Salle 52[/COLOR][/B] at Temple 68
Saint Joseph’s 70 at George Washington 82
[B][COLOR=Red]Dayton 50[/COLOR][/B] at Richmond 58
[B]Xavier 78[/B] at [B][COLOR=Green]Charlotte 65[/COLOR][/B]
[B]Rhode Island 71[/B] at Saint Bonaventure 66
Massachusetts 48 at Saint Louis 50

[B][COLOR=Red]Mississippi State 65[/COLOR][/B] at Mississippi 75
[B][COLOR=red]Davidson 66[/COLOR][/B] at Furman 70
William & Mary 70 at [B]Georgia State 79[/B]
[B]Northwestern 52[/B] at Wisconsin 68
New Mexico 70 at [B]Wyoming 77[/B]
[B]UNC Asheville 68[/B] at Charleston Southern 70
Norfolk State 65 at [B]Coppin State 75[/B]
Troy 73 at [B][COLOR=red]Louisiana Lafayette 50[/COLOR][/B]
[B]Valparaiso 82[/B] at Western Illinois 68
Loyola Marymount 84 at [B][COLOR=red]Portland 68[/COLOR][/B]

[U][B]Sunday, January 15, 2006[/B][/U]
[B]Rutgers[/B] at DePaul, 1:00
Wake Forest at Maryland, 7:30

Anyone know if the St. Joes/GW game is televised locally?

Previous opponents went 8-6 yesterday. :unhappy: However, Coppin State did win their third consecutive game.