Games of Interest: December 21st, 2014

Games of Interest: December 21st, 2014

Non-Conference Opponents:
South Carolina (6-3)

Western Carolina (2-8)
UNC Asheville (1-6)

Appalachian State (3-4)
Alabama (6-3)

Charleston Classic Participants
Cornell (5-4)
Radford (4-5)

Southern Cal (6-4)
Boston College (6-3)

Conference USA
Creighton (9-3)
North Texas (3-4)

Southern Miss (3-3)
Georgia State (5-3)

FIU (4-4)
Hartford (5-4)

Tennessee State (0-9)
Middle Tennessee (5-5)

Alcorn State (0-8)
UTEP (6-4)

[quote=“itsbraille49, post:1, topic:29269”]Games of Interest: December 21st, 2014

Non-Conference Opponents:
Coker 52
South Carolina (6-3) 78

Western Carolina (3-8) 66
UNC Asheville (1-7) 62

Appalachian State (3-5) 59
Alabama (7-3) 60

Charleston Classic Participants
Cornell (5-5) 61
Radford (5-5) 74

Southern Cal (7-4) 75
Boston College (6-4) 71

Conference USA
Creighton (9-4) 57
North Texas (4-4) 62

Southern Miss (3-4) 55
Georgia State (6-3) 67

FIU (4-5) 69
Hartford (6-4) 82

Tennessee State (0-10) 47
Middle Tennessee (6-5) 65

Alcorn State (0-9) 45
UTEP (7-4) 78[/quote]

So maybe Asheville is not a Final 4 team this year?

[quote=“itsbraille49, post:2, topic:29269”]Appalachian State (3-5) 59
Alabama (7-3) 60[/quote]

5 days after losing by 1 on the road at #11 Wichita State, Alabama holds on to beat App by 1 at home.

Either App is better than we thought, Wichita State is way overranked, some combination of the two, or even more likely, the RPI ranks vastly overstate the (lack of differences) between teams.

Seriously, after watching North Texas handle Creighton, and watching UTEP and WKU hang with ranked Arizona and UL teams the same day we almost beat Georgetown, this idea that there is much difference between most of the teams in NCAA basketball is as much of a fiction as it has ever been.

I think we’re gonna find conference play to be tough sledding. There are some absolute dog programs at the bottom of our league pulling down our RPI #s, but the middle and upper end of CUSA is solid, if not well adorned with quality road wins in non conference play. I hope no one is dreaming of 2 or less losses, cause that is not happening for anyone in this league - for the simple reason that unlike these uppity P5 teams, we have to play the stronger teams on the road.

[quote=“Jimmyhat49er, post:3, topic:29269”]So maybe Asheville is not a Final 4 team this year?[/quote]There’s still time, but it’s not looking good.