Games of interest, Monday, February 26

Akron (21-6, 11-3) at [B]Duquesne[/B] (10-16, 6-9), 7:00 pm
Georgetown (22-5, 12-2) at [B]Syracuse[/B] (20-8, 9-5), 7:00 pm


Akron 87
[B][COLOR=Red]Duquesne 74[/COLOR][/B]

Georgetown 58
[B]Syracuse 72[/B]

[QUOTE=HP49er;221101]Akron 87
[B][COLOR=Red]Duquesne 74[/COLOR][/B][/QUOTE]
Wow! Only 74 points?

[QUOTE=ChevEE;221115]Wow! Only 74 points?[/QUOTE]

Everhart scrapped the two-platoon scheme he had employed during the previous dozen or so games for this contest against the MAC-leading Akron Zips (22-6). Also doesn’t help when your leading scorer goes 0-11 from the field and finishes with a single point! Akron jumped out to a 21-3 lead, Duquesne fought back within a point in the 2nd half, then the Zips zapped the Dukes down the stretch.