Games of interest, Sunday, February, 10, 2008

[B]Rhode Island[/B] (19-4, 5-3) at [B]Fordham[/B] (8-11, 2-5), 12:00
[B]Saint Joseph’s[/B] (15-6, 6-2) at [B]Xavier[/B] (19-4, 7-1), 12:00
[B]Massachusetts[/B] (15-7, 4-4) at [B]Temple[/B] (11-10, 4-3), 2:00
[B]Saint Louis[/B] (12-10, 3-5) at [B]Richmond[/B] (12-9, 5-3), 2:00
[B]Clemson[/B] (17-5, 5-3) at UNC-Chapel Hill (21-2, 6-2), 6:30
[B]Southern Illinois[/B] (14-10, 7-5) at Creighton (16-6, 7-5), 7:00

The creigthon vs SI game is big.

The creigthon vs SI game is big.
SI beat them at home a few weeks ago, iirc.

I really want Temple and Richmond to win.

The SJ/X game could decide winner of the A10 regular season.

Anyone know if the Xavier/St. Joe’s game is on TV?

Channelsurfing lists the game as well as Fordham at Rhode Island.

Anyone know if the Xavier/St. Joe's game is on TV?

There’s links that work on the A-10 board (channelsurfing wasn’t working for me):

this one worked: [URL]mms://[/URL]

X looks really good, hope they aren’t nailing threes like this against us. It’s just like st. bonnies was doing to us, penetration by the point guard, kick to the open man on the perimeter.

Rhode Island really needs to win today at Fordham, they have a very tough schedule coming up.

The race in the A10 for 2/3 rd place is very interesting. We have a very good chance to finish 3rd or better. Depending on how RI does in the next couple of games, we could see St. Joes/Richmond/Charlotte, fighting for 2nd and 3rd place.

We all were frustrated with the Richmond loss at home, but they should not be underestimated. Their coach is considered excellent, came from Air Force, and won some games their. They also have a win against VT, who is playing strong. We play Richmond again, and that game may be critical to where we end up in the standings.

Hey, we’re not out of first place. I don’t think we’ll get it, but it’s not like 3 conference losses has doomed us. Especially when we still have to play #1.

[B]Rhode Island 65
[COLOR=Red]Fordham 63

Saint Joseph’s 72[/COLOR]
Xavier 76

[COLOR=red]Massachusetts 70[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]OT[/COLOR]
Temple 80

[COLOR=red]Saint Louis 64[/COLOR]
Richmond 55

[COLOR=red]Clemson 93[/COLOR] [COLOR=blue]2OT[/COLOR][/B]
UNC-Chapel Hill 103

[B][COLOR=red]Southern Illinois 53[/COLOR][/B]
Creighton 72