Get NWA a new cooler FAU tailgate

Since I was a student, NWA has opened the doors of that big beautiful ambulance to me, my family, my friends, and various people I care about. Even when I was 18 and didn’t have two nickels to rub together they supplied me with all the food I could eat, and all the coke, water and various other beverages I could possibly want.

Last night, somebody stole his big cooler, and that’s garbage. Really don’t care who it was, or how it happened, you’re a POS if you read this.

That said, if you’ve enjoyed a tailgate at the normbulance, let’s all pitch in, and help get that kilted dude a new cooler. He deserves it, and I’m sure he’s been as good to y’all as he’s been to me. Bring some cash, and let’s help a niner out.


clt says this is our target cooler for nwa

Thanks man - I don’t mind the beer getting stolen, but taking a cheap Walmart cooler with 5 years of stickers kinda pissed me off!

I saw you last night in the kilt - that’s awesome going all out.

Sucks about the cooler. If it was a cheap one, we can at least get you a Lifetime or two - their version of the Yeti is awesome and we should clear it easily.

I didn’t make this, but it’s on Facebook.