Get Well Soon Jerry

[B][SIZE=2][URL=]Jerry Richardson placed on transplant list[/URL][/SIZE][/B]

Indeed. Get well soon, Mr. Richardson.

prayers for Jerry and family! Get well soon!

emotional topic for me…since 1995 me and my Dad have had season tix. [B][U]I hold Jerry Richardson responsible for making so many of those moments possible[/U][/B].

I remember sitting in the stands at Clemson 1995 watching Sam Mills pick off the Jets pass for a win. I remember Pitt coming to town and Cota’s pick to seal NFCwest champs in 1996. I remember Aikman, Emmitt, and Irvin coming to town and getting punked in the playoffs. I remember every solitary Panther huge moment at home with my Dad and me in 527.

Without Jerry’s vision, none of that happens with me and my dad. I will pray for this man like family.