give paris a call

clt is mad paris left clt off her cell phone list.

clt, I had to edit those numbers out. The link is fine, but I wnat no part of propagating phone numbers that were hacked from a TMobile account…


Good to see that I’m still in her phone book. Course it’s listed under my pseudonym, “Eggplant Dike Ass”

I’m just surprise she flies United.

I just called Lindsay Lohan’s #. Lots of belching.

I just called Anna Kournikova and asked her to come to the game with me Wednesday. She told me she would call me right back.

You’re a party pooper Mac


just be glad he didn’t post the phonecam pics :rolleyes:

clt feels violated yet understands mac’s decision. hey mac are you ready for your next fight?

soda popinski is tough.