God’s Gift Achiuwa - 2011 JUCO PF

per jucorecruiting.com

[font=Arial][size=11px] God’s Gift Achiuwa (6’9, 240, PF, Erie CC) will visit St. John’s this weekend. Gift has visited Cincinnati and Washington the past two weekends and will decide between the three after visiting St. John’s. Some reports have said that Rhode Island and Charlotte are in the mix, but he does not have any visits scheduled after this weekend. There has also been some talk that his natural position would be at the 3 spot. After seeing him play several times this year, I don’t see any way that he could play on the perimeter. He doesn’t handle the ball well and struggles outside of 10 feet. Achiuwa doesn’t have great hands, but plays extremely hard and hits the glass on both ends. He seemed to enjoy his visit to Washington, but didn’t say who his leader was. Cincinnati has one scholarship available.[/size][/font]

This would be an amazing get. However, if he isn’t gonna take a visit then we probably don’t have a shot. However, this would be flat out AWESOME!!


[font=Helvetica][size=13px]The 6-foot-8 power forward from Erie (N.Y.) Community College is down to the Johnnies, Cincinnati and Washington.[/size][/font] [font=Helvetica][/size][/font]

I already posted about this guy a while back.

RT @AdamZagoria: Gods Gift to St. Johns. Done deal, per sources. God is coming to Queens. #stjbb

he gets dunked on during a pivotal moment of a conference game and the opposing team’s announcer exclaims “WHERE’S YOUR GOD NOW?”