Goldmine Live - featuring Healy, West & Aktins


Listened to Goldmine Live a little bit ago. Mike Hill has had bigger fish to fry, but its time to reboot Goldmine Live… Some of my own random thoughts on how to make it better:

  1. Change the time of the show. Make it accessible to Alums and Fans… Need to keep the students involved but you need to have it in the evening. Just because it was a dud at Ham’s or other places years ago doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make it better.
  2. Change the location. Hopefully this Heist event (sold out) is the impetus for getting this off campus and getting the city at large involved. Find a place near the light rail line to keep the students involved.
  3. Get this event more interactive. Live questions are a crap shoot, but use twitter and email to get some life to the event.
  4. Give stuff away: Have a question of the week winner… A fan of the week… A Junior Niner of the week… Give a mini helmet or a mini football/basketball/baseball signed by the coach, players etc… People eat that stuff up.
  5. Players- make sure you have a couple each week. Talk about the games and their Charlotte experience… Have a “getting to know ______” segment. Healy wants kids in the community, I’m sure all of the other coaches do as well. Let the kids be the faces of the programs


Watch it here:


Having attended previous coaching shows I think its a loser. You are never going to get enough people there every week to make it worth while for any party involved.

I prefer the once a quarter meet the coaches events for fanbase outreach.

I’d rather they make a weekly coaches’ show to be broadcast on UNCCTV and Youtube where it’s an interviewer and guests in a professional production and not with an audience. A.J. Mead was doing something similar for a while and I thought that would be a better format with game highlights and such.


Better location, better time, better interaction and better performance.

Bobby’s shows were great. He interacted with the folks there, players were usually really nice too. We were also winning so the brought out more folks.

I think there is big value in our players and coaches being out where general public can see them, but that only works if it’s at a worthwhile location. Heist is probably a good place, near campus but in an area populated by former alums and potential customers. I think that’s super important with Healy and his skill set.

If we are going to keep it on campus and at an early time might as well forget the show part and just do what football now said.


Regardless, the format could use adjusting

Also, the attendance wasn’t bad when we were winning.


That’s the key brother… No one wants to go hear a coach talk after a 6-3 loss to ODU or the basketball team that has 7 wins…

If you build it, they will come applies here… Need to build that winning tradition back up. People want to toast their beers in celebration, not cry in them


I haven’t been in the last two years, but when I went to the one at the Hilton it still seemed well attended. Did it drop off?


August 31st cannot get here quick enough


Wouldn’t that be nice.


I’m sure the title nine police will blast me for this but during basketball season leave it to men’s basketball coaches and players only. I would agree with having it later in the evening to get alums and fans involved and also open it up to a over the phone or social media.


If UNCW can have a coach’s show for 30 minutes on network TV we should be able to as well. I live over an hour away from UNCW campus and I can watch their show. No excuse that it couldn’t be better.


We had one for many years airing on “regular tv”, on Saturday mornings.