Golf Question

Bought a set of golf clubs at a yard sale today and can’t find much about them online. Thought maybe some golf enthusiasts here could help out. The drivers say “Tour Model Meteor” and the irons say “KS Tour Oversize”
Would love some info on the brands/models

clt asks how much did you pay?

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Everyone knows it’s 20% club and 80% ball. If you hit a PRO V1, it’s guaranteed to land in fairways and on the green.

Regarding your clubs, google them and see the reviews and/or how much they are selling for.

I think it is more like 95% swing, 4% club and 1% ball. :wink:

40 bucks

I tried. No info to be found.

clt would not recommend getting clubs at a yard sale, unless you happen across a cameron putter for sale for less than $150

you will enjoy the round more with a good set of game improvement clubs. buy the 22 or 21 model to get started

Not to be condescending but most people don’t realize that the shaft is the most important part of the club.

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Bought King cobra irons (4-gap wedge graphite shafts $13 golf pride grips, almost new . $ 7 at a thrift store on S Blvd😁 crazy!! Obviously didn’t know what they had. $600 new $250 used on ebay

So, in summary, a few golfers got super rich from 9 figure bonuses, and we may get team golf as a feature in future PGA events, but otherwise, nothing is really going to have changed from all of this…

Sound about right?

clt says follow the money!

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Rory got to be thinking I was the mouthpiece of the tour and now this?!?!

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I will probably delete this.