Good game guys

As a coach myself, I always enjoyed the way Lutz coaches. You guys have a good thing going and are gonna take the A 10 up a few notches.

You guys won the final showdown. take a bow

Here’s something for your hard work

haha that’s pretty funny… and isn’t that the picture off of with European vs. american women?

This is why Cincy fans are so great. I honestly have never had a problem with their fans…only the players they recruit/sign…

Rivalry will definitely be missed…Cincy has done a lot for our program.

Great Game. Halton arena is a great place to watch a game, not a bad seat in the arena and the crowd was impressive. Nice Campus. I never like to see the Cats lose but what a great game played by 2 good teams that could knock make it to the Sweet 16. Basden is a STUD.

Hopefully you guys play like that against Louisville and in the NCAA tourney.

I will miss seeing UC play Charlotte, I think over the years Charlotte has given UC the toughest time in the C-USA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you guys end up in the Big East in about 5 years from now.

Good Luck the rest of the way.

Hey man, sorry we never caught up with you. I met up with Fanatical Friday night, and Gruehls before the game, but I also heard you were on a pretty tight schedule on that bus trip.

Glad so many UC fans could make the trip, it really adds to the atmosphere and makes our fans cheer that much louder. I remember one year it got really loud for App State, because a lot of App STate fans had made the trip.

It has been fun, and it’s good to know we have a winning record against you guys at home. Does anyone else in CUSA have that?

[i]Originally posted by bearcatb[/i]@Feb 5 2005, 09:26 PM [b]

You guys won the final showdown. take a bow


Some of our best matchups have come in the tournament, I’m not ready to call this our final showdown yet.

How great would it be to have Charlotte/UC for the CUSA Championship one last time?

Hat’s off to the Bearcats program and their great fans. You will be missed.

I don’t know why Gary was going on about us hating Cincy or Huggins or their fans.

I’ve really grown to respect all of them. Huggins is a riot. Gruehls & company will be sorely missed, and so will this rivarly.

Now Mem-piss… that’s some genuine hatred there.

Ah, yes. I stopped hating Cincy years ago. Now, just respect them and enjoy watching how they play (its usually such a contrasted style to ours).

Now, Memphis. God. They just make me angry. Mainly because they have the most pathetic fans ever.

Agreed, I like Cincy, love the game. It’s a real rivalry.

I don’t want to get into Memphis, I have to go to work, and there’s too much to say, not enough time.