Good piece by Feinstein on GW

John Feinstein on the bastketball woes in Foggy Bottom… Hobbs, GW Are Looking for Answers

wow. interesting read.

let’s see.

-there were 2,517 in attendance for their most recent game.
-they were 9-17 a year ago
-they are 6-10 so far this year

and get an informative story with that level of depth.

I guess there must not be much of anything else to discuss in the Washington DC region.


[QUOTE]“We made some recruiting mistakes,” he (Hobbs)said. "It really comes down to that. [/QUOTE]

Public admission is the first step on the path towards recovery.

Maybe when the season is over, the 49er Insider will do some kind of in depth discussion on men’s hoops. Otherwise, I don’t know if I will ever hear anything on men’s hoops.

clt yells junior!