great article on dalonte hill - washington post

Wow, the Washington Post and Gary Williams, Terps, really take the issues right on, no sugar coating. Also, their is a good rebuttal, with another side of the story in the bottom of the page, in the comments section.

Great job by the washington post.

Wow, Gary Williams is pretty open in that interview. Good read. It was a little weird though, seemed like the interviewer was accusing him of missing any target that came through the Maryland area, as if Gary Williams was God.

[QUOTE][B]GW:[/B] Why would he go to Kansas State? He was in Charlotte. How do you go from Charlotte to Kansas State?[/QUOTE]

That’s the money in the article… Thanks for the respect Coach Williams.

Looks like Dalonte Hill has gained the respect of lots of head coaches. NOT. lol

He’s just saying what everybody knows.

Players get bought by crooked coaches every year and we all know who they are. Everybody knows KST bought Beasley by bringing in Hill.

I am intimately familiar with some people who have been through the recruiting process and it’s very sleazy, even for the big-time programs.

Probably not for the likes of Duke and UNC-Ch, they simply don’t have to cheat anymore. However, they do cross certain lines like everyone else, talking to kids during “dead periods”, etc. But not major infractions- they don’t have to. It’s kinda like going by a cop doing 70 in a 65, they let you go because they can’t write everyone a ticket for a minor issue. Do 100 and you’re busted.

We’re in a funny spot in Charlotte with recuiting. We all want to be above board and do it the right way, but we are recruiting against schools that will cheat to undercut us. Ever wonder why we lose so many recruits to Alabama, Clemson, etc?

You’re going to lose the local stars to Duke and UNC-Ch, maybe even Wake from time to time. But, regardless of how many people say we can’t recruit against the ACC, not many kids dream of playing basketball at Clemson or Alabama.

I know they are in BCS conferences and are on TV more than us lately, but we lost kids when we were in C-USA and playing UC, Marq, Mem, UL, etc on ESPN.

So you ask yourself, why did we lose (insert name)? Because other schools cheat.

Not only that, they get a pass a lot of times because they are BCS schools.

Gary Williams is one of the best game day coaches there is, and does things the right way.

This article reinforces why I would never want to be directly involved in college athletics. (Unless I was a college athlete)

Article in this morning’s Wall Street Journal: