Green Graduation Robes

The Student Government Association wants your feedback about commencement regalia.

Undergraduate students at UNC Charlotte currently wear black commencement robes, while seven other universities in the UNC system have school-colored robes. SGA is exploring a 49er green option- at no increase to cost- that would promote school spirit and enhance our University’s identity.

Always seemed like a no brainer to me.

clt voted for undecided.

No choice for light blue?

Where is captain obvious persona on here

If this doesn’t win by 90% or more I give up.

Write-in for light blue will be at least 45% of the overall vote.

Why? Vote for that Niner green baby

I could have sworn the last time this came up on NNN, a number of people clamored against it, saying it would make the ceremony look like a high school function.

FWIW, I voted green.

I thought we did green robes at one point in time.

Does Walmart carry them?

clt says you could add comments about the name change as well.

Just saying

Under & Post Grad robes were Mean Green baby. Guess once you go black. . . .

Under & Post Grad robes were Mean Green baby. Guess once you go black. . . .[/quote] You graduated from North Texas?

Go cry your loss elsewhere troll

As long as there is at least three different shades of green represented I am in favor.

[quote=“dorm73, post:15, topic:30638”]Go cry your loss elsewhere troll[/quote] ;D This makes as much sense as your other posts. ;D

The robes will be green.

clt says size king price wont allow any xxl robes to be purchased

I love the green robes. Some don’t, but I think it’s a nice touch.