Green Tie Gala 2024

I attended the Green Tie Gala last night which funds 9 needs based scholarships. I highly recommend folks entertain going next year. Ended up being an expensive evening for me but supporting kids in need to become niners and getting a chance to talk to those kids did more for my emotional connection to this university than any win could have. They were grateful and humble and wanted to be there to say thank you. Really reminds you that while sports are fun the true mission of the university is providing an education that changes kids lives.


Great event for the school. The world is such a different place than social media wants to present.

Holler Emmy Awards GIF by Emmys


Was right there with you. Won 2 of the silent auction items and spent and drank too much. Had a wonderful time and highly recommend it.


I won coach for the day in volleyball and women’s soccer for my daughters in the silent auctio then walked away with the Hendrick shop and museum experience. Should be fun!


I also auctioned off an ambulance tailgate and they raised 1250 bucks!


Got the basketball package. Was a few beers/drinks in when I won the Mexico trip. My wife (who is a careful planner) may have had a mild heart attack when I bid and won that one.