Greetings from the A-10

Howdy folks how are things down in Charlotte? We’ve got 3 feet of snow in Massachusetts and more to come by next week! Anyway I just wanted so say that a lot of folks are glad to see you and St Louis joining the Confrence next season. I’ve heard some folks down your way are upset about what the Big East did to C-USA and I don’t blame you. They did the same thing to us about 8 years ago. Rutgers, Virginia Tech, West Virginia all left the A10 for the BE. Penn State had left for the Big Ten a few years earlier. Temple was allowed to bring their Football team but not their Hoops program as Villanova blackballed them. Anyway with no 1A football anymore this Confrence has little chance of being raided anytime soon making it deep and stable!!

Last year: C-usa got 6 of it’s 14 teams into the NCAA’splus 2 Nit bids. The A-10 got 4 of it’s 12 teams plus 3 Nit bids. But C-Usa only got 1 team UAB into the sweet sixteen and they lost by 26 to Kansas. The A10 got 2 teams into the round of 16 and both advanced to the elite 8. St Joe’s lost by 2 poinst to OK State, Xavier by 3 to Duke. The A10 was 7 points away from getting 2 teams into the final 4! Plus the A10 has gotten back to back Nation players of the year. Nelson from St Joe’s last year and David West from Xavier the prior year. As well as national coach of the Year Phil Martelli and John Chaney at Temple is a Hall of Famer.

The A10 is down this year to be sure. But there is a lot of young talent. Temple may be 8-8 but their schedule, as always, is the toughest non-conf in the country. Auburn, Georgetown, S. Carolina, Ariz St, Vilanova, Alabama, Wake F,Duke, Maryland. Richmond, your closet A10 neighbor was a tourny team last year but are much younger and look NIT bound. Also a tough Non-conf sched: Seton Hall, Virginia, Wake Forest, Pitt, Arizona, Colorado. Note they have 2 victories against C-usa (UAB and S.Florida)
The A10 has a lot of good N/C rivalries with the BE. Umass w/Uconn and BC (we beat the defending champs but lost to BC) URI and Providence. Rhody beat Prov. 2 years straight but lost in OT this year. Temple and St Joe’s v Villanova. Temple beat "Nova St Joe’s gets them in feb. Xavier has beaten Cincy 6 times in 9 years. G. Wash doesn’t play G’town reqgulary, but they did beat Maryland and Mich St. this year.

I think the A10 will only have 2-3 in the NCAA’s this March. Next year 4-6! A10 can replace C-usa as the nations’s 7th power confrence potentially. I know this season is only half over so it is way too early to star looking ahead to next year, so I am only doing this for fun. I am gonna make early prediction for next season based on seniors leaving (sorry I never got to see Badsen or Plavich) and underclassmen output. No idea who’ll bolt early, get a super recuiting class, have a rape scandal(LaSalle) and academic fraud scandal (St. Bonny) or even how the league will be re-aligned. But this makes the most sense to me and will keep the Charlotte and St Louis rivalry going: 2005-2006

Northeast Division: 1.Temple 2.St Joe’s 3.UMass 4.Fordham 5.Rhode Island 6.La Salle 7.St Bonaventure

Southwest Division: 1.G.Wash 2.Xavier 3.Charlotte 4.Dayton 5.Richmond 6.Duquesne 7.St Louis

Temple and Xavier start no seniors, Umass,GWU,Dayton and Richmond only start one; this league should be deep next year…what are your thoughts?

PS I can’t wait to see a game at Halton :smiley:

UMass …

Say hello to the Niner Nation …

Say goodbye to ever winning another A-10 Championship!

Welcome to Niner Nation, UMass. You guys in the A-10 should be seeing a lot of Charlotte next sesason, and we’re looking forward to some new opponents to dominate.

Hey UMass13,

I’m pretty sure that the A-10 will be a single division format next year. We have been told that we’ll play everyone once, and we’ll get Dayton, St. Louis, and Richmond (I believe) twice.

You don’t have to trumpet the achievements of the A-10 to anyone on this board. We are all very excited to join the A-10, a league with alot of extremely young talent that only looks to get better next year!

Oh yeah I almost forgot the Ladies. I have been hearing good things about the womens teams at Charlotte. The women in the A10 are Top heavy (no pun intended). Temple (16-3) Xavier(13-5) Richmond(15-3) GWU (12-6) are all NCAA caliber programs. UMass was 6-22 last year with a rookie coach. In her second year she’s got them at 11-7 with a lot of young recruits contributing

UMass, welcome to the board!

Smoothie is correct that the A-10 will go to a single division next year with each school playing each other once, plus 3 mirror games for a total of 16.

As a college hoops junkie, I have been following the A-10 for years, so I’m looking forward to the new rivalries coming the Niners way. With the exceptions of Duquesne, LaSalle, and St. Bonaventure, all the A-10 programs seem to be headed in the right direction with all the young players in the league this season and the decent recruiting hauls for 2005-06.

BTW, our upcoming games against Cincinnati (Feb. 5) and Louisville (Mar. 3) will be televised on ESPN and ESPN2, respectively. So there’s your chance to watch Basden (2005 C-USA Player of the Year?) and Plavich light it up for the Niners.


Umass, I propose a friendly trade. You send us 2 lobsters & we’ll send you 2 Packers.


Thanx! I for one though would like to see the Charlotte v SLU ‘rivalry’ stop. Rivalry it is not. Pure misery, yes.

if the a-10 folks had half a brain they would not be excited about st louis, welcome to a snorefest.