Why We Hate... La Salle?

Does anyone really hate La Salle? Does anyone even know that la Salle exists? Does anybody really know what time it is?

They’re in Philly, & we hate the Eagles.
I think they are Temple & St. Joe’s bee-atch!

I do not understand your second sentence StoneColdKen.

J Felt, your blog is great!

I hate LaSalle fans. They get very offended when you tell them they don’t belong in the A10. At least Fordham fans are aware they do not deserve to be in this league. Their piss poor record and their embarrassment of a gym should be booted from the league in the most humiliating manner possible.

I was stating that Temple & St Joe’s are the only Philly conf. teams that matter, TiredoftheU.

We don’t hate LaSalle. Most fair weather 49er fans don’t even know LaSalle, St. Bonnie, Fordham, or Duquesne even exist.

I think this league would get loads more respect without those 4 programs. Those are always the 4 people pick out when they make fun of the A10. Plenty of teams in the A10, Charlotte included, have had fairly long NCAA droughts, but at least people recognize them.

I’m not sure La Salle would recognize La Salle if they passed each other on the street.

Really one of those cases where they have much more reason to hate us than them, especially considering that the series should be tied 3-3 instead of 5-1 in favor of the Niners. But sometimes being lucky gets the job done!

We hate Lasalle?? You’re just looking for something to hate if you hate Lasalle. Do we also hate harmless three legged dogs?

lasalle who?

Hating Lasalle is like hating Luxembourg.

I hate luxemborgians…
Every time I visit there I tell people "Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your husband, cuz…)

Luxembourg? Yeah it’s pretty bad when Belgium can call you a bitch! :))