G'ville news reports ECU coach gone

I remember when Watkins left and Doherty’s name was tossed around. I immediately called Judy Rose’s office to protest even the thought of that move or bringing in any Tarhole for that matter. Boy am I glad we didn’t hire him.

Didn’t we interview, did we offer him the job ?, Herrion when Mullins left.

By the way Mullins was interviewed for the Maryland job, before they hired Gary Williams, after Bob Wade left.

I think Mullins was interviewed every year while he was here for a NBA job, the only college interview he went on was Maryland, supposedly.

[i]Originally posted by mineshaft[/i]@Feb 22 2005, 08:52 PM [b] I remember when Watkins left and Doherty's name was tossed around. I immediately called Judy Rose's office to protest even the thought of that move or bringing in any Tarhole for that matter. Boy am I glad we didn't hire him. [/b]
It was even being publically speculated by the media that we would probably announce doh as our new coach. I remember hearing it discussed either on tv or the radio the day before/of the announcement that we had hired Bobby.

Maybe the guy (Herrion) deserved it…but Terry Holland is a tool…he was absolutely the worst game coach,with the best talent when he was at Virginia…they booted him from coaching there…now he’s at a piss-ant school,making like he knows what he’s doing,they’ll be crap!

As much a hard time recruiting against acc I like to see who would be up for the challenge as the next head coach at ECU.

[i]Originally posted by lucky57[/i]@Feb 22 2005, 10:02 PM [b] Maybe the guy (Herrion) deserved it...but Terry Holland is a tool...he was absolutely the worst game coach,with the best talent when he was at Virginia..they booted him from coaching there..now he's at a piss-ant school,making like he knows what he's doing,they'll be crap! [/b]
Herrion was a good coach for ECU....I can't say that any CUSA team enjoyed going into Greenville to play. He brought the most out of teams with little talent and made them a scrappy bunch of players.

I hope he fares well…some programs are just lose lose situations for college coaches.

The guys teams always played hard…gotta give him that.

Yeah, I understand he had a lot of losses, but that job is a death trap. Who the hell do they think they can get there to replace him?

From Mike DeCourcy of Sporting News…

[b]Bill Herrion has become the ultimate victim of the bait-and-switch scheme.

You’ve heard about this before: the ad pushes one product, and then you’re sold another. When Herrion left Drexel to accept the head coaching position at East Carolina, he believed he was taking over a program that had every reason to do better than it was in the Colonial Athletic Association. In no time at all, he found he was in charge of a program that had no reason whatsoever to be competitive in Conference USA.

East Carolina? With Cincinnati, Louisville and Memphis?

Be serious.

Well, it was as difficult to accomplish in reality as it figured to be on paper. Herrion is a terrific basketball coach, but he had no chance in the current version of Conference USA. There were a few big wins —including one over Final Four-bound Marquette in January 2003—but not enough.

Whether he could have turned that around in the future version of C-USA, we won’t know. He was let go Tuesday, effective at season’s end, by athletic director Terry Holland. ECU won’t catch Memphis anytime soon, but maybe it can climb ahead of Tulane and the others comprising next year’s league lineup. But the Pirates will have to bring in a heck of a coach if they expect to get one better than Herrion.

Athletic directors in the Eastern part of the country who are looking for new coaches next month would be wise to ignore Herrion’s track record at ECU, unless they consider their programs to be hopelessly out of place in the leagues where they reside. Those with programs that are competitive with their league partners would be wise to remember Herrion’s accomplishments at Drexel, when he led the Dragons to an upset victory over Memphis in the 1996 tournament and gave Syracuse a good scare in the second round. That Syracuse team went on to lose to Kentucky in the national title game.

Ask the players and coaches on those teams whether Herrion can get it done.[/b]

Link: FOXSports.com

Couldn’t Holland have waited another year to fire Herrion?..ECU will have it a lot easier next year in the watered-down CUSA. :unsure: Oh well.

East Carolina is a dumb school. They did this with Steve Logan their football coach. He had them nationally ranked for a couple of years and then he has one or two losing seasons and they fire him. Even though Herrios wasn’t having ECU ranked, he wasn’t doing that bad for ECU.

ECU needs to realize who they are and quit firing coaches. Herrion is a good coach for them and they are idiots to get rid of him. The more you fire coaches, the harder it is to get a good one to come there for fear he will get fired. Idiots.

Steve Logan stepping down

ECU has had some turnover in administration at the AD level and chancellor so it hasn’t exactly been a very stable place. Logan and the former AD (who is now at UNLV) Mike Hamerick didnt exactly work well with each other. As for facilities over this period, they build one ugly training center at the football field, but they totally made up for it with what looks to be like one of the nations best on-campus college baseball stadiums. ECU hasnt been as strong since Dave Hart left 10 years ago to head up FSU athletics. It seems Terry Holland is in there to straighten the place up and hand off to someone else in 3-5yrs.

While I feel for Herrion, Terry Holland was brought in the shake things up in Greeville. For someone who was successful as both a coach and AD at Davidson and UVa, respectively, he’s not going to accept mediocrity.

Terry Holland is a godsend for ECU, that place needed to be shaken up they have 1st class facilities (except for Minges) but have 2nd rate programs (outside of baseball) I think he’s doing whats right for the school and hopefully will bring back some respect to that school.

Not quite relatitive to the topic, but I just heard that ECU dance team will be performing at all home baseball games…on top of the dugouts in the new stadium. They have sold almost 2000 season tix for baseball this yr. The stadium opens up Friday 3/4 vs Michigan.