GW Tailgate

At the request of Mike Hill I am moving the ambulance up to the stadium next week. I will be on the sidewalk outside the gate on the alumni side of the stadium. If you want to come hang out with us we would love it. We need a good big crowd there. Mike said they wanted to increase the energy up there and to do that I need you guys to come up and join us!


This is an excellent idea. Will you be blocking up Judy and Ken’s parking space?

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HAHA I wish - nah sidewalk right outside stadium, not parking lot and right where team walk goes by,

What time is the Niner Walk? I’m coming from work but would like to be there in time for that. Haven’t seen one since the Black Lot (RIP) closed.

ill check!

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1hr 49min to kickoff, right?

Mike needs to move the student tailgate back if he wants energy near the stadium. That atmosphere seemed like it really had potential to be something special.

Maybe that can happen after buzz kill Phil is gone.

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Woah, woah… the AD specifically asking #badfans to get more involved? Sounds like a recipe for trouble.


Walk is 2 hrs and 10 mins before kick but checking with staff to see if that changes due to Thursday night.


clt will try to get the zep up there as well

It will be lite foods since it will probably be hot next week. We are going with chicken salad croissants and maybe some grilled chicken legs to go with watermelon and few other items.

It’s only 3 hours to tailgate this game, so simpler the better.

5:15 miner walk confirmed