HalfTime Thoughts

Withers: THIS is the Withers of old

Defense: Horrid, Awful, Sucks. Layups, Dunks & Wide Open Jumpers

We simply try to outscore people and hope they miss their open looks. We don’t even force most of the TO’s.

Memphis came out with TWICE our energy. 9 offensive rebounds in the first 10min!!

We are in trouble…unless we outshoot them.


Yeah, what he said. Are there defensive coordinators in basketball? We need one of those. Hire John Fox in the off season.

And now we’re down 8 :o

As I feared…Mitchell’s a total nonentity. Plavich is so desperate to shoot he’ll put up anything. We have 2 guys…Curtis and Eddie…and,as usual…zero defense!!

UPDATE at the Under 12min TimeOut.

We are a very average team.

When we don’t shoot well, we can’t depend on Defense to keep us in the Game.

Memphis looks like the 2 seed tonight.

We are getting outhustled, outworked and outplayed.

What a rotten end to the season. I guess our record was smoke and mirrors afterall.

We are in big danger of the old 8/9 game next week. Could end the season with 4 straight L’s.

[b] I guess our record was smoke and mirrors afterall.[/b]

It really was. How on earth were we ranked for so long? I don’t even know if we deserve an at-large bid after the last 3 games.

Think maybe Lutz is sorry he didn’t stress defense a little bit more ?

What are you talking about, he does stress defense. He’s one of the best in the country at “changing defenses”. I can change my defense a bunch of times too, but it’s still gonna suck every time

Well it looks as if the team has quit


And now it’s a 16 point game :frowning:

When we’re down double digits and Lutz gets a T…


f cusa.

[i]Originally posted by cakewalk5[/i]@Mar 10 2005, 08:40 PM [b] Well it looks as if the team has quit [/b]
This team quit 3 games ago.

I’ve said it before. I don’t care about W’s and L’s as much as I care about effort. Look at our Rebounding and Defensive effort over the last 3 Games (even most of the year) and tell me what kind of heart our team has.


Alot of talent but…No heart. No pride.

I’ll take Heart and Pride over talent anyday. Add our talent to a little heart and pride and we ARE a Top 15 team.

But we have none. We quit early against Cincy. We coasted against Rutgers. We coasted against ECU. We quit in the 2nd half against Louisville. We quit against S Fla. And we quit tonight with 10min left.

8/9 seed…and we will be lucky…I mean lucky…to win 1.

Lucky wants to know if Herb Sendek is available?? Lucky is just kidding…I think?

[i]Originally posted by KTown49er[/i]@Mar 10 2005, 08:49 PM [b] 8/9 seed...and we will be lucky...I mean lucky...to win 1. [/b]
And we won't even win 1. This season's over.

Congrats on flushing the season down the toilet, guys :mellow:

Hollywood removes Niners hat, replaces it with Nationals hat, and changes the channel

clt points out this team is one and done. overrated.

We are about to stink up the house again! This is sad!

Lucky hopes Judy Rose didn’t round up too much money!!