Halftine comment made by Seth Davis

Did anyone see the halftime show during the Indiana/Illinios game. Seth Davis stated Charlotte was the Darkest of the Dark Horses to make the Final Four!


if the 3’s fall at 40+%
we hit 89% fts
and the planet’s are aligned in just such a way

we can make the final 4.

it is a long shot at the very best.

lets concentrate on getting past the first and second rounds before we start talking final 4.

You can’t lose to ECU and win one game against a ranked team and start talking final 4. If we win out the rest of the way then I might consider it.

if anything, it was good publicity. i dont know, and really dont believe we’ll make it to the final four…but then again we are capable, it’s not that long of a shot. but it’s nice to get our name out there will names like “duke, carolian, wake, illinois, and louisville”, which were the only other names seth gave out. so, again, thanks CBS :smiley:

It’s possible for us to make it to the Final 4 under the right circumstances. Our problem is that we lack consistancy. However, all we need is a month of consistancy in March and then we’re there.

If we play like we did against Cincy, we can make it.

[i]Originally posted by Over40NINER[/i]@Feb 7 2005, 01:09 AM [b] If we play like we did against Cincy, we can make it. [/b]
Assuming we play some defense with that this time. Sure.

When’s the last time Cincy scored 90 points in regulation and lost?
Probably a seldom occurance under Huggins.