Happy Birthday jcl49er!!

Happy Birthday big guy. Thanks for all your work here.


Happy Birthday!

Happy BDay to a guy who probably won’t see this for hours.

What’s this crap abouta ctuallyw orking JCL? You disappoint me!

Happy bday JCL!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!!

Thanks, guys. I’m officially just as close to 40 as I am to 30. :unhappy:

NA, I’ve managed to cut back from around 65 hours/week to around 60 so life is MUCH better now . Still ticked I couldn’t make the Wake game but I refuse to miss Davidson.

Thanks again. I definitely feel old today. :tongue:

Edit: Now I feel even older since the hairstyles in Run’s photo is a page right out of my high school year book.

happy birthday traitor

[QUOTE=swilson47;303248]happy birthday traitor[/QUOTE]

:confused: No delayed reaction there…