thanks for everything you contribute to this board. have a wonderful birthday!

49? oh snap! break out the green and white today


Congratulations on achieving the perfect age, run!

Happy Birthday!!

[CENTER] [B][SIZE=6][COLOR=Green]Happy birthday run![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [/CENTER]

Happy Bday!


[B][COLOR=DarkGreen]You are a wealth of information and a great Niner! Have a great day! Thanks for all you contribute to NNN![/COLOR][/B]

[QUOTE=NLP;330296]Congratulations on achieving the perfect age, run![/QUOTE]

Damn… beat me to it!

Now, don’t age a day. Hold steady right here. :shades:


HAPPY 49th Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, run!

Thanks! Now that I’m literally a 49er, I’m expecting great things from Lutz & Co. this season. Good start with the Moxley interview on Chalktalk.

Not sure how much more I can keep with my son and the alternative/emo/metal/etc. music scene. The Seether and Rev Theory concert at Speed Street was VERY interesting (had a little mosh pit action during that one!), while The Cure was more my to my liking. But then, I am now the same age as most of the members of the latter! [And I am looking forward to STP and BRMC at Verizon in August.]

Anyway, there are two things that you can count on from me. First, I’m going to keep on running (even on a day like today!) and secondly, I’m going to keep on supporting the Charlotte 49ers because my blood – like everyone else here – is even more green than Mr. Spock’s! :biggrin:


happy birthday

and believe me, there are much worse things out there than the likes of seether. be thankful.