Happy New Decade!

Happy New Decade! What a 10 years it was for NN. It was certainly a slog at times, but as we start the 2020s it feels like we are finally on the upswing. We have momentum.

Thanks to everyone here, whether you are just an anonymous forum reader, longtime contributor, or an admin here. NNN wouldn’t be the same without you. It’s hard to believe I’ve had a site up now for almost 19 years:

Thanks for everything, especially for not letting my own Niner fanaticism fade into nothing.

:beers: Here’s looking toward being here for another decade.


Thanks Mac!!! As a long time suffering Niner Sadist I appreciate you keeping this site going so I could continue my sickness of fandom over all these years and inflict the type of pain and disappointment I need and desire in my life. Between marriage and Niner fandom I should be able to keep enough pain and suffering in my life so I do not not need to actually pay a mistress to embarrass me in public so you are actually doing Gods work so dont ever doubt your donation to this society. Thanks again from all the Cucks and Niner fans everywhere for this site whose existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to many fans with half full glasses does saves lives… and don’t ever forget deep down, in places you don’t talk about at parties, we want you on this site… We need you on this site!!! Good day and have a great and prosperous 2020! TSD.



Mac thanks for letting this site become and still is the light in the darkness. This site has driven so many things. It isn’t overstating things to say without you and this board we aren’t where we are. Thank-You