Happy Niner Nation Week

Hopefully some of you have seen the new front to NNN. I wanted to bring in the Social, News, and Media and try to have one place to come to. It’s not real time, but it’s close. Twitter should be within 5 minutes and the others are a little slower as they don’t update as often. May have to tweak timing as we go to make sure things stay under the rate limits.

In any case, let me know any feedback you have. It will be a work in progress, but at this point it’s pretty usable.

You may end up needing to refresh to get some of the links to work properly. Chrome was being a bit sticky for me. www.ninernation.net should get you to the right place. The forums are still here at forums.ninernation.net.

Happy NNW!


Is this only for desktop view or should I see a difference in mobile view? Reason I’m asking is I’m not noticing a difference in mobile.

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It’s both. It just may be a caching thing on your mobile.

clt says it looks great in the Netscape navigator. Thanks ninermac!

Not seeing on mobile. Lagging on initial connection and popping up for a second when I go to next app.
Steps to correct?

jessica biel GIF by VIASAT3

Working well for me. I have my short cut set to go straight to the forums but that’s a NICE home page implementation. I love the quick one button sorting options!


It should correct itself TSD. It’s most likely caching in your browser. I had issues while building it where often chrome would get stuck and I’d have to do a hard reload of the page to get it to refresh everything.

Thanks Mac!!!

looks great!!!, one place