Happy Thanksgiving Niner Nation



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I hope today finds all of Niner Nation in good health, good humor, and good company! :turkey:

Just ran the Charlotte Turkey Trot 8K for the 35th time. Beautiful day and these 64 year old legs can still get it done, though definitely a bit slower than in the past! Happy Thanksgiving and Go Niners! :turkey: :pie: :running_man:


Rocking 12 minute miles in the OBX 5k today (went to support my wife - I hate running unless I’m chasing a :soccer:). My father in law finished 1st in his age group. Huge turnout. Too damn early though for my taste.

But Run, maybe you saw this crazy chick at South Park:



:jack_o_lantern::pie: is awesome.

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Yeah NA I agree. I’m like a dog. I ain’t jogging but I’ll chase a ball around all day, lol. Preferably a basketball.

I didn’t see her but there were a lot of people (9,000+) doing the various runs and walks today - 8K, 5K, etc.

Her sign does make me think about how the critiquing of Thanksgiving fare has become a staple of sports talk radio. I wonder if ESPN etc know how much of a bore it is to listen to the various talking heads discuss food. I’m OK if someone doesn’t like a particular dish etc but I don’t want to hear about it. And basically I just change the station or turn it off when it comes up!

As for pumpkin pie, I love it! :pie:


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