Hazing leads to 4-year suspension for Sigma Phi Epsilon

Charlotteobserver.com: Investigation leads to multi-year suspension for UNC Charlotte fraternity

It doesn’t really tell many details.


Maybe I’m in the wrong here, but from that tweet above it seems like these guys who decided to rush this frat were forced to drink alcohol (gasp), and eat some butter? Doesn’t exactly scream “scandal” to me…

Edward 40hands is no joke, though…can’t pee with 2 40oz bottles of beer taped to your hands.

What is a “stuck” of butter?

We got shutdown in 09, I believe it was as well on some false accusations that included hazing. I can vouche innocence on the chapter from back then, I dont know whats going on these days.

Edward 40hands is no joke, though…can’t pee with 2 40oz bottles of beer taped to your hands.[/quote]

clt says to wear umbros.

Wow this is all it takes to get suspended these days?

I work at WCNC who broke the story first. The frat was turned in by a former anonymous member who found out about some of the hazing that was taking place and did not like it.
Story had a lot of legs and was juicy considering KA got kicked off campus a year ago for hazing and the baseball scandal from a few years ago.
With the Penn St stuff the forced consumption of alcohol probably is what got them thrown off, university not playing around with that stuff it seems.

Yeah, sounds kind of tame to me. However, these days Fraternities simply can not do that type of thing anymore. Too many panzies and lawyers, etc.

I believe the bylaws of probably EVERY Fraternity in the country do not permit hazing. Unless you live under a rock, you have probably read numerous reports of hazing being the tip of the iceberg for more serious problems at Frats. Folks need to forget the whole ‘Animal House’ thing - there are too many serious problems occurring with Frats and people being wrongly abused or injured. No University wants to deal with that nonsense, even if they are off-campus.

Unless it was to the point of sickness, it had to be more than drinking & eating butter. Come on now?