Healy's house is up for sale

​2604 Laburnum Ave in Center City, Charlotte, 28205

$1,250,000 | 4 bds • 3.5 ba


He’s about to get AAC money, time for an upgrade! Or he’s figured out living off East Independence sucks ass.

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hotel stairs GIF by South Park

I don’t know where his son goes to school - maybe he is already in a private school. But if he isn’t, they may want to move to get in a better school district.

Gorgeous house though. My wife and I did some renovations to ours that looked a lot like that.

If I recall correctly Will did almost all the house hunting on his own while his wife was pregnant. I am going to guess here than shes thinking she wants something different.


Haha, yeah I bet he ends up somewhere a bit more south west.

Chantilly is one of the nicest neighborhoods in town :man_shrugging:.

Those living there wouldn’t even use east independence for virtually anything since there are no exits into the neighborhood.

Bold move selling and buying now with what could be his final season here coming up.

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With current geopolitical events the real estate market may be off by the end of ‘22. Smart move on his part IMHO. Take the money now.

That was my exact first thought.

He’s going to commute from Buffalo. Having trouble letting go.

Nice place, although I hate TVs mounted that high

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clt is hearing they are moving into Scott hall for the year

Yep, nice place, but I cannot understand the TV over the fireplace at all. I don’t know why that became a thing.

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clt says tv over the fireplace is optimal!

Agreed. My only complaint is the extreme angle of the tv. I use a slight angle but if I was selling my house I’d flatten it back up to the wall for showings. It looks better.

You need me to create the poll for you??? Amateur. I voted for both options because you allowed me to.


You have to allow me 30 seconds to fix my typos. Sheesh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since this has turned into a referendum on TVs over the fireplace, which way do you prefer:

  • Right up there - I prefer neck pain
  • I am a rationale, common sense wielding human being who realizes craning your neck upwards for hours at a time is uncomfortable

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clt says this may rip this chat page apart.

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