Hege Considering another Run in Lexington


Former Sheriff Hege is considering another run for Sheriff in Lexington NC. Anyone who was around this area back then should remember him. I liked this guy!..except for his criminal stuff of course lol

[QUOTE]As sheriff of Davidson County, Hege, a Vietnam War veteran, was known for his controversial tactics.

He painted the jail walls pink and removed televisions and books from the county jail. Prisoners wore color-coordinated jumpsuits to identify their offense. Hege ordered all deputies to wear combat boots.

Hege also appeared on “Larry King Live” and “America’s Most Wanted.” In addition, his personal patrol vehicle was a 1995 Chevrolet Impala, referred to as “The Spider Car,” with nitrous oxide tanks.[/QUOTE]

I’m from Davidson County and went to North and this dude was ridiculous

I will not be surprised if the rednecks back home re elect him

even though his son ran and didn’t get elected a couple years back

I grew up in Davidson Co. (Thomasville), and went to East Davidson High School. After moving to Charlotte for school and finishing up, I live in Davidson Co. again (Lexington). This silliness is all I’ve heard about for the past week (mostly among the local slack-jawed yokel population). This is gonna be a circus.

For those of you who aren’t sure how to spot a slack-jawed yokel when you see one, please refer to the artist’s rendition below:

For examples of said yokels in their natural habitat, feel free to peruse www.peopleofwalmart.com

I grew up and Davidson County and still live there (In BBQ City). Went to North.

I have not voted for him in the past and will never vote for this maniac in the future.

I too went to north davidson and am not proud to say that I own a jar of sheriff hege’s BBQ sause haha.

Im sorry, but what the hell is removing books from the prison supposed to prove? You dont want them to READ??? Damn, only in Davidson county.

I went to north too. Unfortunately if he runs I think that he will be elected. I hope that I am wrong though.

Hege is an egotistical nut. Throwing up roadblocks in the middle of the day for no reason other than to look busy. He might get re-elected due to those “slack-jawed yokels.”

[URL=http://hpe.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Hege+decision+to+come+in+November%20&id=3608076-Hege+decision+to+come+in+November&instance=main_article][B][U]Hege decision to come in November[/U][/B][/URL], High Point Enterprise

[URL=http://hpe.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Former+Sheriff+Hege+still+has+staunch+supporters%20&id=3607991-Former+Sheriff+Hege+still+has+staunch+supporters&instance=homefirstleft][B][U]Former Sheriff Hege still has staunch supporters[/U][/B][/URL], High Point Enterprise