Hell Week, 3 games in 5 days on the road, 5 games in 10 days in general

The next several days will define our season. Need some of the bench guys to step up. Aren’t going to win this week with a 6 man rotation.

Vasic has really turned it on as of late. Really need a push from Bertram, Williams, Younger or all three.

I’d be thrilled with 2-1 on the road games, and fine with 1-2. 0-3 would be bad. Need to sweep the florida twins at home if we want to stay in contention. 3-2 would be a really good mark over this stretch. 4-1 even better. If we manage to come out 5-0, my non-Charlotte coworkers are going to be miserable around me.


Agree with your benchmarks, if we’re going to be able to compete. I’ll be interested to see our substitution patterns, particularly in games 3-5.


Younger is not geting of the bench. Bertram hopefuly isn’t.

Why did CUSA not schedule our game in Norfolk last Thursday when both teams were idle. That would have kept us and ODU in a normal rotation. This sucks.

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I would assume they had an arena conflict?

C-USA has scheduled back to backs among league members this season, with LA Tech and Southern Miss having already played each other for their first two conference games.

I think a 4pm Monday away game is a good situation for us. They have the same stretch as well, but lose some of the home court advantage.

Do they have volleyball scheduled afterward?

At least, it’s also their third game in six days. Since they shot 1 for 22 from behind the arc with fresh legs, they’ll probably shot 70% with tired legs.

Even if you assume he meant “in front of them”, this is some prime word salad. What I can guarantee is that Marshall will shoot in front of, near, adjacent to, and anywhere else within the confines of the court and they will do it in haste.

With Burks and Elmore gone, the 3 not as prominent for Herd this season. In fact, numbers are virtual deadlock stats wise - Herd averaging 6.7 made per game (per 22.9 attempts) to 6.6 for opponents (per 20.5 attempts). That said, MU is averaging 75.3 ppg, so hopefully we can control the tempo.

The way I think it works is that one match-up between travel partners needs to fit in with a standard weekend slate and the other game is schedules on an agreed upon date by the two teams. I think both teams liked doing the MLK Day game last year and wanted to sustain that. I would have done the game on the Monday after a home weekend though.

Bigtime W last night. Finally played well on the road. Need to hit FT’s down the stretch, but not much to complain about. Hope to keep it up @ WKU

Road trip completed and we’re 4-2 in a four way tie for second with FAU, FIU, and LA Tech. With the Florida schools in Halton this Thursday and Saturday, important to get wins so that we can maintain a spot among the top five with co-leaders North Texas and WKU.