Help on Project

I need some help for a project.

I need to make a really big picture. You seen that website that you can upload a picture and it gives you a document with like 50 pages and each paper is a peice of the picture, and when you put them together you have a huge picture?

Im looking for what website. Anychance anyone knows of it?

Come on I know someone here has to have seen that…

ionno the website but its called a rasterbator

edit: nevermind found it


np only suggestion i have if you are going to make the picture like CRAZY huge. print off using the fast setting on your printer or else you are going to use like 10 ink cartidges.

thanks. I’ve never used that before.

do you know how to change the settings on the printer so it prints fast instead of normal? the quality of the pixels might be a little more distorted but the outcome would be generally about the same.

yeah somewhere there is a draft setting. How do you get rid of the white border?


umm i honestly don’t know that was the method i used.

nm I called IT, and they said if I print through adobe or windows photo printer, I can do ‘borderless’ prints

oh ok