help us get football

clt demands you infidels fill out this survey from the university to alumni. there is a question on where you would like your funds to go. i think we all know the answer to this one…id%3d0000173905


"We are sorry the site is down for maintenance please try again after the hours of 1am or before 11pm. "

Conspiracy theory?

Who set up this survey? The school?

[i]Originally posted by C49er[/i]@Dec 17 2004, 04:36 PM [b] Who set up this survey? The school? [/b]
I still can't see it.

The “It Takes A Gift campaign” (ITAG?) allows you to allocate your donation to about 10 different areas, including: Alumni center/campus beautification (aka front entrance), athletics, general academics, Research, etc. Not sure if that’s what it’s referring to. There’s about 24 million in the athletics category.

clt was sent this survey earlier today from the university. joey lawrence helped clt fill it out. whhhoooohh.