Here's whats up (bowl edition)

There are 39 bowl games, so room for 78 teams.
As of this moment, 72 (of 78) are bowl eligible, 44 have been eliminated from consideration (we need 52 to be eliminated to be safe).
Side note: I have Missouri ineligible, but the NCAA could let them in. They are truly in limbo.

The following teams are double digit dog this weekend. They will have a rough time getting eligible.
Colorado (v Utah), Monroe (v Laffy), BC (v Pitt), Oregon State (v Oregon) and Troy (v app)

The following teams are double digit favorite and will become eligible: Sparty (v Maryland), Ohio (v. Akron), TCU (v WV), and Liberty (v NMSU). Missouri is also an 11.5 point favorite against Arkansas.

There are eight CUSA teams that are bowl eligible.
There is no set selection order among C-USA’s bowl partners (I think Champion get their choice)
Per conference regulations, all teams with seven or more wins shall be placed into
conference bowls prior to any other bowl eligible teams without a winning record (i.e.
6-6 record).

CUSA has six primary tie ins.
MAKERS WANTED BAHAMAS BOWL Dec. 20 (Nassau, Bahamas)
NEW MEXICO BOWL Dec. 21 (Albuquerque, N.M.)
R+L CARRIERS NEW ORLEANS BOWL Dec. 21 (New Orleans, Louisiana)
SOFI HAWAI’I BOWLDec. 24 (Honolulu, Hawai’i)
and three secondary bowls
CHERIBUNDI BOCA RATON BOWL Date: Dec. 21 (Boca Raton, Fla.)
FRISCO BOWL Dec. 20 (Frisco, Texas)
WALK-ON’S INDEPENDENCE BOWL Dec. 26 (Shreveport, La.)

Right now we are 7th in the pecking order. As near as I can tell, this doesn’t assure us a bowl as the six teams in front of us have clinched winning seasons.

So here is what I think needs to be a priority to guarantee an appearance in a bowl game.

  1. Beat ODU (Duh) this gets us to 5-3 in conference and 7 wins which could pay off if FAU beats USM, Middle beats Western, and FIU beats Marshall.

  2. Root for FAU, FIU, and Middle (see above). If all goes right, this could put us as high as forth in pecking order. Note: This scenario likely ruins our chances at the Belk bowl.

  3. Have the NCAA declare Mizzou ineligible

  4. Root for Hawaii and Navy to beat Army and NMSU to beat Liberty. Independents are the x factor and make me nervous.

  5. Root for Ole Miss. Getting Miss State and Missouri off the grid could open the Belk Bowl.

  6. Root for NC State Cause screw Chapel Hill.

  7. Root against P5 schools.

  8. Root for Mac schools - because I think a 7-5 Charlotte team bowls before a 6-6 Mac team.

  9. Root for App and Laffy - the belt has filled their slots. No spillover. but Monroe and Troy? See #8.

  10. Give thanks that we are in this situation.


Good job putting that together.

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great post tintin, thanks

Why do we want FIU to win?

CUSA EAST standings

We successfully avoided the West top 3, so nothing on that side will affect us now. Those three (USM, UAB, LA Tech) all get bowl selections before us.

Truthfully, Jamin, I’m not sure we do in the big picture. My priority in this post was to ensure that we went to a bowl, while realistically knowing that all 14 five win teams won’t lose this weekend.

My logic for rooting for FIU over Marshall is:
If we beat ODU, we are 7-5 5-3 in CUSA. If Marshall loses, they will be 5-3 as well. FIU will be 4-4.
This scenario makes us (at worst)the 6th CUSA team based on holding the tiebreaker on Marshall.

If CUSA prioritizes bowl eligible teams this way, we are guaranteed to go to one of the tie in bowls. To disclaim myself, I’m not sure this is how the conference prioritizes bowls.

I’m also not sure that FAU beating USM keeps USM above us in the pecking order.

Three or more-team procedure
(Once the tie has been reduced to two teams, go to the two-team tie-breaker format.)

  1. Highest regular season winning percentage based on overall CUSA play.
  2. If tied, head to head between tied teams.
  3. If still tied, highest winning percentage within division.
  4. If still tied, compare records against divisional opponents in descending order of finish.
  5. If still tied, compare records with common cross-divisional opponents.
  6. If still tied, compare records against cross-divisional opponents in descending order of finish.
  7. If still tied, team with highest CFP ranking.
  8. If still tied, the representative will be the team that has not participated in the championship game most recently.

This is for the championship game but it applies to how the conference teams are ranked as well for bowl selection. Pretty sure outside of the conference champ, who gets to pick their bowl, the others are picked by the bowls through mutual agreement.