Hey Memphis Tigers

in the NIT, suckers…

[i]Originally posted by Savio[/i]@Feb 24 2005, 08:43 AM [b] in the NIT, suckers.... [/b]
Let's not forgot that the CUSA tourney is at their place. Also, they have Cincy and Louisville at home and are playing as good as any team in the league. With 4 quality wins (UL and Cincy left, and 2 tourney games) I think they can still get into the Dance as an at-large. So long as they get the #3, #4, or #5 seed in the CUSA tourney we could be playing them in our second game. While I think we can play them better defensively if we see them again, beating them on their home floor will be tough. I wouldn't want to have to play them on their floor from here on out.
[i]Originally posted by Savio[/i]@Feb 24 2005, 08:43 AM [b] in the NIT, suckers.... [/b]
In fact, I would put them as the prohibitive favorite to win the tournament. If they do, and they get in, what #6 seed would want to play them as an #11?????

That was no NIT team we played last night. I bet if Calipari could go back to the end of last season and foreseen what would have transpired with his “problem child” Sean Banks, he would have pushed him into the 2004 NBA Draft. That and cut back on that killer schedule he had at the beginning of this season.

I wish Lutz would shave his stache. I’m tired of hearing about it from other teams’ fans. It does look kind of stupid. I mean, who wears a mustache in the 21st century.

Good grief, the fashion police have arrived!

[i]Originally posted by lifelongmemphisfan[/i]@Feb 24 2005, 10:22 AM [b] I wish Lutz would shave his stache. [/b]
Good to see my tax dollars hard at work: a memphis fan posing as a niner fan from a local military facility.


Go defend the country you troll.

I keep hearing how great their schedule was this year but if it was so good why is their RPI 110? Here are some of their early season losses or I mean games that the refs screwed them on. :blink:
LA Tech 13-11 record
Ole Miss 13-13
Providence 12-15

They did play Maryland, Pitt, Syracuse and Texas but they lost them all. Their team is better than their record but you can’t lose to the teams listed above with that tough schedule.
I think they have to win the tourney to get in.


What is hilarious is that Houston is now 56 in the RPI and has a better shot at the NCAA tourney!!! Houston - the basketball future of C-USA!!!

I can hear Calipari now if Houston gets in and memphis-state stays at home.