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Any of you guys dealt with a reputable business before? My family is looking at buying a house and one we are interested in is a foreclosure (bank owned). Because of this if it gets inspected and we decide there’s too much work (or a horrible termite problem) I’m out of the money I paid for the inspection, since the home is “as is”. I figured I’d try here before I dig in the yellow pages.


[B][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black]House Call Inspections[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

             				                   [SIZE=2][COLOR=Black][B]James  Going[/B]
             278 Normandy Rd.
             Mooresville,                  NC                 28117

[I]Phone:[/I] 704-575-3900
[I]Fax:[/I] 704-663-1741

…did a great job and nice report when I bought my first house.

There should be an appraisal which will have alot of that info. If the house is old you could do a visual inspection… look at outside…foundation cracks, glance underneath to see if HVAC ducts have tears, check roofing ( very costly repair ). Main thing is do a walk through. There very many foreclosures and options your agent should do research for you… dont feel rushed
if u need an agent i could refer you to good one
good luck