Hot Rod

Michael Cooper has been the coach for two games and things have not gotten better for Rodney. In fact, he has probably played his two worst games of the season going a combined 0-10 and getting burned on defense.

I had hoped that Rodney would see the change as a fresh start and excel. Instead, he has played like he is in a fog.

I have been one of the big defenders of Rodney but he hurt the Nuggets the last two games. When he went into the games, the other team went on a run. Often, they just go right at him.

Hopefully he rights the ship here but he is not making a good impression on the new coach.

I agree with you. I saw how bad he was vs Philly. He played well (offensively at least) when doing it in spite of Bzdelik. Now, he’ll have to find a different motivation. :rolleyes:

Rodney getting burned on defense? Imagine that. I hope Rodney ends up becoming a very solid NBA player but I just don’t see him becoming anything more than a servicable bench guy who can have a few great games now and then. His lack of defense was an issue in college and it was his biggest question mark when declaring for the NBA. Doesn’t look like he’s improved on it very much but hopefully things will improve for him.

The distressing thing is that Rodney has been getting burned even more than normal. I think part of it was that he was playing the 2 spot. He just doesn’t have the quickness to handle that position.

I used to think a change of scenery would do him some good. That is probably not the case - unless he goes to a team that can cover for his defensive problems.

Rodney is not quick enough to guard NBA 2’s. I don’t know why his poor play in those situations suprises anyone.

It’s been said dozens of times, so I don’t know why I am repeating it: He needs to go to a team that will let him start at the 3 and commit to his growing pains like Denver did with Carmello. Unfortunately, that is the deepest position in the league.

Rodney can’t handle the ball enough for the 2 or even 3 based on what I saw the other night. He should bulk up even more and play the 4.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Jan 3 2005, 05:44 PM [b] Rodney can't handle the ball enough for the 2 or even 3 based on what I saw the other night. He should bulk up even more and play the 4. [/b]
Rodney would get more abused at the 4 than he does now at the 2. Guys like Garnett, Stoudamire, O'Neal, Nowitzki, K-Mart and Duncan would have a field day against him. He's best suited for the 3-spot but defense, or lack thereof, will be an issue no matter what position he plays.

Rodney has already been given second and third chances. He is running out of time to prove himself.

His contract for next year is not guaranteed so he may be going through what he went through last summer (no suitors) again.

He is best suited for Italy

Another bad outing tonight. He played only three minutes but managed to fire up an air ball and make a bad defensive mistake.

Cooper is even quicker to pull Rodney for his mistakes than Bzdelik was.

Rodney has now missed his last eleven shots. Not looking good.

Once again Joe Dumars made a wonderful decision in “letting him go” for draft pick(s) and supplemental players. For a defense-based manager to see Rodney’s faults so quickly and let go of a lottery pick says something.
Missing easy, open shots is equal to a turnover and new coaches don’t like poor effort. Rodney has always been an effortless player, even during his one year at Charlotte most of his game came to him without much effort.
Go join your schoolmates in Italy, Rodney, and earn some tax-free money. It would just about be a wash in terms of financial gain.